Ellen Tollet of Betley Hall

December 21, 2008 at 2:05 pm (books) (, , , )

tolletAm positively engrossed by the “Journals and Letters” of Ellen Tollet (ed. Mavis E. Smith), which arrived fresh from the Nantwich Bookshop in England just yesterday (£12.50; proceeds to UK cancer charities). Cannot compliment it enough – but you will have to wait for a full review to be posted later.  This well-edited journal of Miss Tollet gives an inkling not only into the lives of ladies like Emma and Mary, but even Miss Austen herself – Ellen is writing in 1835 at the beginning, and many things remained as it had in the last decades of Austen’s life: travel, family, church, and books-books-books. Never forget that Cassandra Austen was alive and well for much of the period covered by this journal! The only image I could find is of the BACK cover (I have no scanner – and it’s snowing out too much to go to a library for the use of one). Ellen was friends with another ‘Emma’ – Miss Emma Wedgwood (yes, of that Wedgwood family…), who married one Charles Darwin. See Emma Darwin online here.

Nantwich is a true ‘treasure’ – my father and I stopped there when on our narrow boat cruise (aboard the ‘Fenris‘ rented from Viking Afloat) in 2006. An interesting article found about clock plaques; and here’s an online ‘walk around town‘. Enjoy!

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  1. Betley Soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars | Two Teens in the Time of Austen said,

    […] Betley Hall; for instance, I mention being “positively engrossed” in this book of Journals and Letters – when I first picked it up in 2008. Then came the publication of The Diary of a Betley Governess […]

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