Happy Birthday!

April 13, 2009 at 11:26 am (a day in the life) (, , , )

Today – 13 April 2009 – marks the 197th birthday of Drummond Smith.

When I left Drummond last night, in the year 1825, he was a school boy at Harrow. Actually, Harrow is how I found the existence of a book (copied out by one of the sisters; I suspect Maria) [2013 update: the handwriting belongs to Fanny] containing letters he wrote from the time he was a young boy up until he left for the fateful trip to Italy (against his mother’s wishes, which were reluctantly bestowed in the end…) – mention was made of his letters from school in a history of Harrow!

On their own, given the relative youth of the boy for many of them, they are quaint vignettes of the life of a schoolboy from a well-to-do London-based family. But: input within correspondence from Mamma, Emma, Augusta, Mary and Maria, they flesh out some periods of the family history. Now if only his travel diaries would surface — or his actual letters come to light! (Or the replies to them.) Frustratingly, especially as I have studied Fanny Smith a bit more than many of her sisters, later letters to Fanny were given space – blank pages left – but were never filled in; had Fanny, making her home in Kinwarton (Warcs), had trouble finding the letters from her brother — or had the letters brought up too many memories??

[NB: given that Fanny is the transcriber, she may simply have been lazy: she owned the original letters! Alas, that is our loss — until the actual letters turn up.]

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