Voice from the past

June 6, 2009 at 12:07 pm (a day in the life) (, , )

Today marks the 65th anniversary of D-Day. On the CBS Evenings News, a story covered a man’s quest to have his uncle declared one of its war dead. The uncle’s last moments happened to be uncovered in on-camera interviews with two survivors. The instigator of these video ‘diaries’ of men’s war memories carries such a powerful, purposeful reason for pursuing this project! But just seeing him interviewing veterans sent one thought to my brain: How I wish someone had taken the time to sit and record — audio or video — my Uncle Bob!

Uncle Bob was not present at the beaches in France; his war was served in Italy and Africa. How he loved to ‘talk war’ with his brothers-in-law! Looking back, I now wonder: I heard…, but did I ever LISTEN. Then came the thought: Maybe I did.

I may not pay particular attention to stories of battles, but in seeking stories of the homefront lives of women, or women who survived (or didn’t…) the death camps, there is something about the Voices of the Past that do haunt me. That do teach me and all of us. And being receptive to those voices is surely one reason to be on the earth now, to speak up for those who no longer have a voice. All we each want is for someone someday to say, This person lived, and here is something of his or her life.

Read the script, or watch the video of the CBS story of Amin Isbir, who died on Omaha Beach (“Setting the Record Straight“). Visit Tom Beaty‘s ‘Witness to War‘ website. Preserve. Honor. Educate. No better reasons for being can exist.



  1. Eric Montgomery said,

    Hello friend… Thank you for mentioning my great uncle Amin. Please kindly visit my web page for the complete story of his sacrifice and that of my great crusade to set the record straight.

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