Just TOO incredible…

July 22, 2009 at 11:14 pm (books) (, , , )

Well, I always wanted to have a publication listed on Amazon.com – but a listing for my most recent article in JASNA’s Persuasions — that’s going a bit too far. Although published in the journal, JASNA put the article online — free to all! So why is Amazon listing this as an eDocument for the price of $9.95???

If I got even a slice of the $9.95 maybe I wouldn’t mind so much.

See the listing yourself: Amazon. Am I flattered, or just annoyed?? (and, no, the ‘surviving and thriving as a collegiate debate coach’ isn’t mine. is there really another author with my name and even my middle initial??)

To get “Derbyshires Corresponding” for free see JASNA (any and all comments welcome!) And if anyone really wants to spend ten bucks, I’ve got a research trip I’m saving for… all contributions welcome to that too.


  1. authorette said,

    Howdy, I’ve just had my first book self published also and am experiencing all of these ‘too good to be true’ emails. As good as they sound and as much as I would love to just throw my money to them in hope of some great promotion, I am ignoring them for fear of being exploited. It does seem as though everyone else makes money from your hard work hey? My book is called Lupus Intus (the wolf within) spanning the past 25 years of my living with chronic illness http://www.lupusintus.com I am 39 years and living in South Australia. How about you? ;-)

  2. Janeite Deb said,

    Wow Kelly – this IS unbelievable! I searched for other articles and a good number come up, all digital downloadable documents fomr $5.95 – $9.95 or so – does JASNA know about this? It says the distributor is Thomson Gale – aren’t there copyright laws that would apply here?? I am stunned! – think we should alert JASNA about this…

    however, it IS nice to show up on Amazon as an author! – though that alone will not further advance your trip… not while it is lining the pockets of Amazon…

  3. Visit my NEW “Authors” Page | Two Teens in the Time of Austen said,

    […] Austen Tour of 1833,” I have actually blogged about before. In July 2009, in a post called JUST TOO INCREDIBLE, I mused as to WHY Amazon had a digital copy of this for sale! (There are other Persuasions […]

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