Book Reviews and Books Reviewed

September 10, 2009 at 8:53 pm (books) (, , , , , )

ja_and_marriage_coverKerri Spennicchia — who supplies us all with dozens of Austen clippings — sent the following Times Literary Supplement review (TLS) of Hazel Jones’ recent Austen book.

I wish you could read it — but something’s up with WordPress — the file uploads, but doesn’t link. Will try again later.

[9/11] It’s now later and for some reason it still doesn’t ‘pop’ in – but I did a bit of finagling and *finally* it works – be advised, however, that you will have to turn the page image around: it opens upside-down! [no real big deal, Kerri…]

In the meantime, with all the problems, I checked out the publisher’s listing of reviews (hoping for a link to the TLS): Continuum includes an excerpt from my review found on the JASNA-Vermont chapter blog!

dress of peopleSooo…. looking for more of my own work (!! = but, if I don’t toot my own horn, no one else will), I found a website by historian and author John Styles – whose book The Dress of the People I reviewed in the most recent JASNA-News. He has some interesting research avenues, including a history of hand spinning in England. Check out his website.

October update: the JASNA review can now be found online.

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