Selwyn, Austen and new book

August 8, 2010 at 9:42 am (books) (, , , , )

After much looking (wasn’t this book due out months ago? It seems out in the UK – for I see copies for sale – but STILL doesn’t have a dust jacket photo!), here is a sneak peek at the cover of David Selwyn’s new book, Jane Austen and Children.

Continuum’s description makes it (I hope!) valuable reading for someone with so many pregnant ladies and young mothers to write about! I loved the publisher’s Jane Austen and Marriage (by Hazel Jones, who I wish would come out with something new!), and trust the same high standards are given over to Selwyn’s book; after all, he has written much on Jane Austen and the Austen family in general.


  1. Kelly said,

    Dear Janeite Kelly,

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! I’m afraid that I take much more of a “living history” approach to the period, but so admire those who go deeper into it as scholars. Ackermann’s Repository seems like a wonderful resource and I’m sure that I’ll be using many of the embroidery patterns. Thank you again!

    This book looks fascinating and definitely one to look for in the future. I posted a picture on my blog of a little boy at the picnic who looked like he could have stepped right out of the pages.

    (Aspiring Janeite) Kelly

  2. Wilhelm said,

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