An S.F. Austen Picnic

August 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm (entertainment, people) (, , )

Through a comment on my blog, I found Kelly in San Francisco’s Blogspot: Lavender Kissed. Readers will LOVE to see her pictures from the recent Jane Austen picnic — especially as she pays a lot of attention to the Regency Clothing she and her husband are wearing. Take a look:

Kelly has commented on this blog that she loves “living history” — indeed, nothing exudes “living” more  than such lovely clothing. Check out more of her blog to find all that lies ‘beneath’ the outer clothes.


  1. Kelly said,

    Oh, my! I’m blushing! I never thought that anyone would actually link to my humble blog and certainly not someone with such a scholarly background. I am most flattered!


  2. Janeite Kelly said,

    Must say, Kelly, I LOVE all your photographs! The costumes look extremely well done; and I came across your trip to Filoli — what a simply gorgeous spot! Between such places, such interests and such flea markets, I love dropping by your site from time to time.

    And thank you for your visits here.


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