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January 2, 2011 at 12:50 pm (estates, people, places) (, , , , , , )

As always, looking for “something else” I came across this wonderful blog on Country Houses.

I’ve only just begun to look through “The Country Seat“, but see such gripping ‘news’ as where a proposed high-speed rail line may be located. When I spotted some choice comments on the Austen-related Stoneleigh Abbey, well I just had to hurry and post a link to the site.

I found this blog when visiting “Lost Heritage” — and don’t I see my dear Erle Stoke Park (the Wiltshire estate of grandpapa Joshua Smith) listed as lost to fire…. Though in my mind it “lives” on, as in Augusta Smith’s memory.

Many Essex estates are listed, some with additional information and a few with pictures; for instance Dagnams, home of the Neave family when Mary was writing. Others mentioned (“linked” if more info): Albyns (Abdy family); Dews Hall (Lockwood/Percivall [Percival]); Rolls Park (Harvey); Skreens (Bramston). This last is an especial loss: the Smiths visited the Bramstons so very often! I haven’t really looked at other counties, but see some familiar names in the likes of Hampshire… Take a look at the site for yourself.

BTW, if you want to visit the Stoneleigh Abbey website.

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