Long, Winding Road… to Fort Worth

January 30, 2011 at 1:27 pm (jasna) (, , , , , , , )

A couple days ago the post delivered the cutest postcard to my address, from JASNA’s North Texas Region, the host of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM):

As the backside reads: “Sense will always have an attraction for me.” (ch. x) And so doesn’t the novel, which I have been looking through (my library copy of Chapman’s third edition, pictured above, is over due by a day…)

We’ve grey-ish skies, but (so far) no snowfall (unlike yesterday’s giant flakes) so I for one can’t wait for October — and the beautiful skies of “horizonless” Texas! Thanks for sending the pick-me-up, North Texas volunteers.

**NEWS: Dr. Cheryl Kinney speaks on “Women’s Health in the Novels of Jane Austen” in February: find it online at www.soundmedicine.iu.edu. Dr. Kinney is one of the 2011 AGM coordinators, along with Rosalie Sternberg.

**BTW, here’s the original post, when I first learned this paper had been ACCEPTED!


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