A Richard Seymour Sighting!

February 17, 2011 at 3:52 pm (news, people, portraits and paintings, research) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

In “conversation” over email with Charlotte Frost (see the post on her new biography of Sir William Knighton), it turned up that Ms. Frost had seen a photograph of the Rev. Richard Seymour — husband of my dear Fanny Smith — among a group of family photos!

Now, the Warwickshire Record Office has the not-very-good photo of a portrait of a young Richard (see portraits page), but can you imagine: seeing, “in the flesh”, a photo of someone you only know through his words and deeds? Quite THRILLING!!!

Richard has a nice “following” in Warwickshire, thanks to the talks given by Alan Godfrey. Alan had kindly invited me to offer a talk on Fanny Smith when I was in England in 2007. Seems a lifetime ago. We had a great turnout that Friday evening — thanks in no small part to Alan’s organization skills. I was able to have in hand a drawing of dear Fanny, probably done by her eldest sister Augusta, but maybe done by her sister Emma. This was done when Fanny was in her 20s and reminds me of the work of Mrs Carpenter — very likely, as that artist was commissioned for a number of pieces in the Smith family, which means the girls had the opportunity to watch her work, as well as study her methods.

By the way, Richard is described by Ms. Frost as “a man in his 60s, seated at a desk”. How wonderful if the same holding turns up a picture of … Fanny!


  1. kyle said,

    yeah nice

  2. Sebastián Santa Coloma said,

    In google:
    Hello, my name is Sebastian, I’m from Argentina. I have photos of some children of Richard Seymour and Frances Smith.
    Photos: Richard Arthur, Walter Richard, Albert eden and Captain Seymour. Both Walter and Richard were in Argentina between 1865 and 1870. I am writing about the history of our city of Monte Maíz, where Richard and Walter created a stay. I recommend reading the book “Pioneering in the pampas” (Richard). And the book “Ups and dawn of a wandring life” (Walter).



    Hola, mi nombre es Sebastián, soy de argentina. Yo tengo fotos de algunos hijos de Richard Seymour y Frances Smith.
    Fotos de: Richard Arthur, Walter Richard , Albert eden y Captain Seymour. Tanto Walter como Richard estuvieron en Argentina entre 1865 y 1870. Estoy escribiendo sobre historia de nuestra ciudad de Monte Maíz, donde Richard y Walter crearon una estancia. Recomiendo leer el libro “Pioneering in the pampas” (Richard). Y el libro “Ups and dawn of a wandring life” (Walter).

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hola Sebastian — BOTH of the brothers wrote books; as you mention Richard Arthur Seymour’s Pioneering in the Pampas, and Walter Seymour’s Ups and Downs of a Wandering Life.

      Your project sounds wonderful, but of course I’d love to hear more about the photos! I will email you.



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