Jane Austen Fashion II: Spring!

March 22, 2011 at 10:04 pm (entertainment, fashion) (, , , , , , )

March has supposedly brought with it the first day of spring: we had better weather BEFORE the official “first day” than afterwards! That’s Vermont for you…

So let’s look at a “spring” fashion — for the year 1815:

This “Walking Dress,” from Ackermann’s Repository of Arts,┬áis described as:

“Pelisse of short walking length, made of evening primrose-coloured velvet, ornamented down the front with satin trimming; round capes, trimmed to correspond; full lace ruff. A French bonnet, composed of white velvet and satin in reversed plaitings, trimmed round the edge with a quilting of lace; full plume of ostrich feathers in the front. Half-boots of tan-coloured kid. Gloves, Limerick or York tan.”

and later, this interesting attribution: “For the fashions for this month we are again indebted to the tasteful and elegant designs of Mrs. Bean, of Albemarle-street.”

As mentioned in my earlier post, any information on the said Mrs. Bean would be most welcome!

The Smiths and Goslings, living at their London residences on Portland Place, would still have been in the city when spring officially came. This time, up to Easter, was busy-busy-busy with concerts and parties. A fascinating period to study, I must confess…

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