Princess Charlotte’s Dresses – Royal Wedding, 1816

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The day after the wedding of the Princess Charlotte of Wales to Prince Leopold, the following ran in The Morning Post:

“According to our promise yesterday, we submit the following description of the elegant Wedding Suits, &c. of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte, executed by Mrs. Triaud, of Bolton-street, Milliner, Dress, and Court Dress Maker, by appointment, to her Royal Highness: —

1. The Wedding Dress, composed of a most magnificent silver lama, on net, over a rich silver tissue slip, with a superb border of silver lama embroidery at the bottom, forming shells and bouquets; above the border a most elegant fulling, tastefully designed, in festoons of rich silver lama, and finished with a very brilliant row of lama. The body and sleeves to correspond, trimmed with most beautiful Brussels point lace, in a peculiarly elegant style, &c. The manteau of rich silver tissue, lined with white satin, trimmed round with a most superb silver lama border, in shells, to correspond with the dress, and fastened in front with a most brilliant and tasteful ornament of diamonds. The whole of the dress surpassed all conception, particularly in the brilliancy and richness of its effect. Head dress, a wreath of rose-buds and leaves, composed of the most superb brilliants.”

The newspaper then goes on to describe eleven other dresses! They then pronounce, “Our limits will not permit us to proceed farther; but it suffices to say, that several other dresses, equally rich and beautiful in effect, but too numberous to be described, complete this part of her Royal Highness’s marriage suits.” Those curious to see the entire list: email me, or post a comment here with your email address.

“The three following were among the other numerous and splendid dresses for the occasion, particularly admired, which were also executed by Mrs. Triaud [my! she was one busy lady]:

Lady Emily Murray [a description follows]
Lady Elizabeth Montague [ditto]
Mrs. Campbell [ditto]

The reader is then treated with a run down of the costumes of some luminaries present: Princess Augusta, Princess Mary, Princess Sophia of Gloucester. The Marchioness of Winchester, the Dowager Countess of Pembroke, Lady Radstock, Lady Isabella Thynne; Lady Mary Paulett, The Hon. Mrs. Courtny [sic] Boyle, Mrs. Courtnay Boyle, Mrs. Adams.

Now, Lady Mary Paulett is of interest: this young lady was the daughter of Earl Paulett (also found it spelled Poulett) — he would quite soon wed the widowed Lady Smith Burgess! It must be remembered, that the Duke of Clarence would give that bride away. Oh…, what family members (whom I do not know attended) might have attended the wedding of the Princess Charlotte then?!

The gentlemen take up far less room in the article (of course!) – their costume consisting of many military uniforms or velvet suits. Among those mentioned: The Prince Regent (how could he not be?!), The Dukes of York and Clarence, the Prince Coburg; the Marquis of Hertford; Edward Disbrowe; Viscount Lord Lake, Robert Chester, the Rt Hon. Charles Arbuthnot, the Marquis of Cholmondeley, and the Hon. C. Percy.

There are Disbrowes who show up in my research; who could this particular Edward be? He is described here as the Vice Chamberlain to the Queen, and (though it sounds so funny) is described as in “A suit nearly the same as the Marquis of Hertford.” No one would dare write such about two ladies!

NB: I received today a curious little email, dated April 29th, sent from the Blackberry of a British acquaintance who claimed to have “been at a certain wedding”. Really? More details, if I get them!

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