Sir William Knighton all a-twitter?

August 23, 2011 at 8:36 am (books, british royalty, london's landscape) (, , , )

Join Sir William Knighton and his biographer, Charlotte Frost, on their Twitter account. Great opportunity to see an author at work, promoting her book, or talking about her interests. There’s even a Tweet about Smith&Gosling!

Charlotte’s book is available online at the likes of Amazon and; or direct from the publisher (digital or print versions available).

Only on Twitter can we hear about the bio’s BookBag 3-star review. Says reviewer Sue Magee, “[Frost] is to be commended for the depth of her research and for her careful piecing together of the available information, which must have been rather like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle with different pictures printed on each side and many of the pieces missing.”

Don’t miss The Interview: BookBag Talks to Charlotte Frost, to get an inside look at her bio, Sir William Knighton: The Strange Career of a Regency Physician. (Gotta love the bit about ‘specialists who’ll go straight to my bibliography.’)

Charlotte Frost also responded to questions posed to her on this blog: read part I, part II.

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