Jane Austen: Chute Red Herring?!

January 4, 2012 at 1:00 am (chutes of the vyne, history, jane austen, news, portraits and paintings, research) (, , , , , , , , )


  Janeite Kelly: Eliza, did you draw that picture now being circulated around England as a portrait of your neighbor, Jane Austin?


 Mrs Chute: My dear, we are talking two hundred years ago. Would you remember what you had for dinner yesterday, if you were my age?

Late-breaking tweet from Paula Byrne yesterday hints at P.D. James’ style RED HERRING. The “who-dun-it?” may not, alas, be dear Eliza Chute!

As predicted in my Regency Portrait Pricing Post, not all portraits cost an arm-and-leg. Paula is evidently on the trail of a culprit, described as a “low-end professional charging three guineas“.

Where’s Dalgleish when you need him?? He could at least track down the elusive governess, Helen Carruthers. If a governess is mixed up in the case, I’d look harder at Miss Sharpe

Even if your new-found fame fades, Eliza, you’re still “tops” with Emma, Mary, and I!

Stay tuned for later-breaking news.

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