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August 3, 2012 at 12:35 pm (books, entertainment, jane austen) (, , , , , , , , , )

These days, publishing seems to love old books — out of copyright and “free” of royalties for them. It’s not a bad thing, although I do wear my SKEPTICAL hat when I see something selling for “full price”.**

Anyway, rather than talking publishers and their high costs, low royalties (if any), today’s post concerns these truly lovely Brontë & Austen covers.

Makes me want to pull out some paints and have a go myself!

The story behind the artwork is told at The New York Times: it’s a bid for “younger” audiences.

In March, Splinter, an imprint of Sterling Publishing, began releasing its Classic Lines series, paperback editions of classic novels with French flaps and delicate illustrations on the jackets that have the appearance of watercolors. For the artwork, the publisher hired Sara Singh, a Manhattan-based fashion illustrator.”

Personally, I don’t see cover art as a case of “boring, stuffy” versus “hip” – a good cover should do SOMETHING to convey the story –> which these covers do nicely.

**At Amazon, the Austen novels published by Splinter are selling for $8.95 each (reasonably priced; though I wonder: traditional paperback size or the oversized pb?? maybe I’ll visit my nearest Barnes and Noble and track them down – in the Young Adult Section? Or Classic Fiction?). Interesting note: the novels are cited online as being “by Jane Austen AND Sara Singh“!

What do YOU think of trends: in publishing, in cover art, in books?

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