Te Deum: Nicholas Hoare Bookstore (Montreal)

January 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm (books) (, , )

What was once the highlight of a trip north, across the Vermont-Quebec border: Nicholas Hoare Bookstore in Westmount CLOSED on New Year’s Eve. The neighborhood will not be the same without it…

News states there will be some “ad hoc” hours in early January – for selling off stock and fixtures. Catch up with Nicholas and the removal to the Toronto flagship store, at the bookstore’s British Books blog.

nicholas hoare books


  1. Emily said,

    No! Such a tragedy!

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      I had been looking, from time to time, at their website, assuming some grand announcement; it came a while back, but rather as a “press release” kind of thing. Found it last night. It was a great store; I ALWAYS found something whenever I visited – but I’ve been unable to cross the border (passport expired) for a couple years. There’s less reason now to visit Montreal…
      Luckily, the website is still up, and some new Random Notes have been posted for November – giving a new crop of British Books. Pity we won’t be seeing Nicholas himself on Vermont Public Television (the bookstore was an underwriter) anymore.

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