McDonald’s Happy Readers

January 11, 2013 at 8:36 am (books, entertainment, europe, jasna, news) (, , , )

In the news today, something which I simply MUST applaud, even though I have no children:

McDonald’s Restaurants in the UK are replacing
(short-term promotion)
“Toys” in Happy Meals with…. BOOKS!


Makes me think when the JASNA AGM was held in Philadelphia (2009), and the table centerpieces held mini-books. Can’t tell you which book was on my table’s centerpiece  — someone had pinched it long, long before the announcement was made that the centerpieces were giveaway gifts ….

According to the Business Insider, McDonald’s
could give away 15 million books
through 2014.

Now, isn’t a book better than yet-another-hunk-of-plastic toy or move-tie-in??! Fingers crossed that we in the States follow suit.

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