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April 22, 2013 at 11:59 pm (books, british royalty, fashion, history, news, people) (, , , , , , )

Charlotte Frost (you will find fascinating items via her Twitter feed!) mentioned to me a wonderful WordPress blog on Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830), tailor to George The Prince of Wales.

additional items to peruse on the same subject:

Author Charles Bazalgette has been researching his ancestor for over fifteen years – turning up (among other items) original bank records — alas: with Coutts, rather than Goslings & Sharpe.


as a P.S., you can read Charles Bazalgette’s review of Charlotte Frost’s biography of Sir William Knighton — who was uncle to Smith&Gosling in-laws Richard Seymour (husband to Fanny Smith) and Frances Seymour (wife to Spencer Smith).


  1. chasbaz said,

    Thanks very much for re-blogging this, Kelly. Much appreciated!

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      You have a wonderful project! Can’t wait for the book.


      • chasbaz said,

        I’d better finish it then ;-). It’s mostly done but it does need layout, illustrations, index and notes. All chores which I have to be in the mood for. At present, the motivation is rather lacking I’m afraid.

  2. chasbaz said,

    Hi Kelly,

    By the way, I looked through my transcriptions of Louis’ account ledgers at Coutts’ and found two entries which may be if interest:

    Apr 27 1799 – L rec’d ₤90/12/11 from W. Mole on Goslings & Co
    May 16 1807 – L rec’d ₤300 from Ellison & Co on Gosling & Co


    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Oh, that IS fun to see.

      I’ve never consulted the, but there evidently are Goslings & Sharpe banking materials in the archives at Barclays (which took over in the 19th century). British Museum (I think) has a check drawing on them that everyone can see online.

      Wonder who Mole or Ellison & Co were??? Both would have been during the tenure of William Gosling (Mary’s father).


  3. chasbaz said,

    It is VERY rewarding to consult such bank ledgers. I photographed 30 years of bank records in Coutts’ archives with a hand-held camera and copied the entries from the prints using a magnifying glass. What a job! Coutts’ archivist couldn’t have been more helpful.

  4. chasbaz said,

    Unfortunately the people like Mole etc are almost never entered with their full names so finding out who they were is difficult. i had some successes though, especially with unusual names.

  5. chasbaz said,

    Reblogged this on Prinny's Taylor – Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830) and commented:
    Many thanks to Kelly McDonald for this blog in Two Teens in the Time of Austen

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