Kindle Coming…

August 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm (books, entertainment, introduction, research) (, , , )

After something like SIX MONTHS of dallying, and a good week of shallying — I’ve been PROOFING my upcoming Kindle book, TWO TEENS IN THE TIME OF AUSTEN: RANDOM JOTTINGS, 2008-2013. Rather surprising that what you think is “clean” text, has a typo or two, and some formatting issues. So it will be another day or two before I upload (again… you cannot make changes in the online edition).

But I must confess: It’s really a THRILL to see, on the computer, this concise text – and to be able to size the font for comfort. Gosh! I wish I could upload things like the diaries and letters transcriptions! (NB: not for publication.) It would be a REAL pleasure to read them then.


The formatting, where the smallest, page-size, image allows the eye to QUICKLY scan from side to size. So much less tiring than reading a computer screen from side to side.

And the Table of Contents (pictured below) allows for such ease of access!

kindle coming

The upload was quite smooth; the online proofing — I had anticipated a program incompatibility (as with the cover art program) — mimics iPads and Kindles so well that I will download Amazon’s free App, so I can purchase Kindles for my computer.

After six years of blogging — hearing from such wonderful and helpful people — it is a real MILESTONE to reach towards the completion of such an event as the launch of a Kindle book. I just hope these ‘random jottings’ serve as an useful (and enjoyable) introduction to the Smiths & Goslings. They deserve having their lives unearthed. These are fascinating people.

A special note to those who have recently shared items with me: Mark, Emma, Kildare: thank you!


  1. Mary Ellen said,

    Congratulations! I’m really looking forwarding to having this on my kindle.

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      HI, Mary Ellen — I don’t have a reader, but want to download their APP for computers; the second volume of Katherine Kerberger’s translation of the _complete_ journals of Marie Bashkirtseff has FINALLY come out, but as a Kindle. I’ve volume 1 and it’s a wonderful book (evidently plans to publish the TWO together in a limited edition are afoot, but I really prefer not to rebuy vol. 1, so I don’t know what to do). Kerberger’s been looking for publication for years, for I remember seeing that she was offering some readers the 2nd vol. on CD.

      You’ll have to give me your reaction after you see it. I hope people find it of interest.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!


  2. Jeyna Grace said,

    I’ve always wanted a kindle, but I still prefer physical books.

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      I’m right with you, Jeyna; and yet, from an author point of view, this has been a neat experience.

      I’ve a CHAPTER in an edited book on Jane Austen coming out: it’s been three YEARS in the making; if released in November (as the press now says), it will have been at the publishers for something like a year. I can upload changes and have a new Kindle edition (if I wanted) in less than 72 hours. The book, published by an academic press, will have a price near $80; my little Kindle publication: $3.50.

      The book needs more attention (proofs to come!), which takes time from my research. The Smiths & Goslings are my PASSION, and hopefully the Kindle “introduction” will reach people who then form an interest later… to see the biography as a BOOK!

      I’m also in need of more letters and diaries, and I’m hoping this digit avenue brings more to light from private collections. Even one letter can make a difference.

      Thanks for writing,


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