Treatise on Carriages

September 15, 2013 at 2:12 pm (books, carriages & transport, jane austen, research) (, , , , , , , , , )

Am currently enjoying a long-overdue re-read of Mansfield Park – am actually getting to know Fanny better than any prior reading. And I wanted to fit inside my head the difference between a barouche and chaise (chapter VIII). Chapman had luckily made mention in the appendix of “CARRIAGES AND TRAVEL” – and turning to that for a brief peek I just had to look up the text cited: William Felton’s A Treatise on Carriages. Chapman cited the 1801 edition; has an edition from 1794. There are a few other “treatises” which look to be of interest as well. Happy perusing!



Read about the servants servicing these carriages and their horses:

Past posts on the subject of horses and carriages:

More on:

UK Carriage Museums:


  1. Sabine said,

    Thank you for the interesting links. I love carriages and coaches and it’s fun to travel in them…well, most of the time. Very recently we’ve received a glimpse of how dangerous it also can be, when our carriage horse slightly slipped on the cobbled stone streets and made a short halt. It was barely noticable, because the ride soon went on, but from that moment on I could picture how dangerous a long ride on bad streets would be…unpleasant and dangerous.

  2. Regency Fashion: Carriages, Coaches and the Barouche - Regency Reader said,

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