Darcy’s Antidote – Day 3

February 10, 2014 at 5:35 am (books, entertainment) (, , , , )

Monday, 10 February – Instead of Curling…

girl with pearl

…. Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004)

I’ve not seen this since it was new in local theaters. Gosh! to think that was ten years ago! For, as a birthday treat, my mother and I went to see this in February. It only played in downtown Burlington (Vermont), and I had (mistakenly…) parked on the street, at a meter. An overwhelming memory remains: Would the film end in time for me to fetch the car, or would I get ticketed?!?

(alas, no parking ticket birthday present…it is a rather short film (100 minutes); and I vowed, from that day, to ALWAYS park in the nearby parking garage! Or, only go to that movie theater on a Sunday, when parking is FREE.)

LOT of discussion at the time about the wig poor Colin wore. I remember being very drawn into the exquisite look of Essie Davis in costume (she’s now in 1920s garb for the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!). Scarlett Johansson had a remarkable resemblance to the Vermeer Girl, don’t you think? The first Tracy Chevalier book I had ever read, I enjoyed the film immensely. My mother,  ‘former’ reader who doesn’t read much at all nowadays, was less impressed. And she hated the lusting Van Ruijvan (Tom Wilkinson), because his actions (and thoughts of actions) disgusted her!

Now I’m torn — pull out the book? get the film? Or BOTH!

In preparing my “Mr Darcy’s Antidote to The Olympics”, I came across (you will know where to look; if you don’t and want a link, email me) the FABULOUS BBC documentary, Vermeer: Private Life of a Masterpiece. Exceptionally interesting, in its discussion of Vermeer’s art, as well as the “history” of one particular piece of art. Will whet your appetite for George Clooney’s The Monuments Men (watch the documentary and you will see Vermeer’s Hitler history).

Find the film a Winner/Loser?
Gold – Silver – Bronze?

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