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Twice in all the many letters I have (so far) amassed, there comes the phrase GAZETTED, including the youthful Lord Northampton (1st Marquess; Emma’s “Uncle Northampton”). I don’t know WHY, but I never put two-and-two together and equated The London Gazette (a newspaper) with the act of BEING Gazetted!

Dumb me…

So finding the wikipedia mention of the word and its source proved a revelation. As did the funny little ditty, which I copy here and invite you to read more about here. I suppose I could say that two hundred (and MORE) years ago, this could be what happened if you became financially strapped, but dependent upon your original financial situation. The first stanza of the wikipedia speaks to me – with the farmer tending the fields, the wife milking (and undoubtedly gathering eggs from the coop, too), the daughter learning to spin and probably weave, and the boy at odd-chores. But I’ve found a different second stanza, which I rather like better.

(There’s also a third variation; a fourth; and more that I’ll leave you to explore.)

Man to the plough;
Wife to the cow;
Girl to the yarn;
Boy to the barn;
And your rent will be netted.

But man tally-ho;
Miss at piano;
Boy Greek and Latin;
Wife silk and satin;
And you’ll soon be Gazetted.

AT_US_Southwold Bitter LABEL_AW


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