Regency Diaries of Fanny Chapman (online)

July 30, 2015 at 7:03 am (a day in the life, diaries, history, news, people, places, research, travel) (, , , , )

Charlotte Frost (author of Sir William Knighton, The Strange Career of a Regency Physician) – always with her eyes and ears open for tidbits of interest to me, emailed me about this site which is SO terrific that I simply must share it.

fanny chapman

Fanny Chapman (pictured; click pic to go to site) is the author of a set of diaries spanning the years 1807 thru 1812 and 1837 through 1840 (as of July 2015, not yet online). I’m THRILLED because I’ve found brief mentions of Lady Colebrooke, wife of Sir George Colebrooke; grandmother of Belinda Colebrooke (Charles Joshua Smith’s first wife).

The fine “introduction”, which tells about the people and the diaries, can be augmented by another at All Things Georgian.

The Chapman diaries are well illustrated, and have been lovingly transcribed by George and Amanda Rosenberg — who would LOVE to hear from anyone with further glimpses of their own Fanny Chapman and her relations & friends. _I_ only wish my own stash of letters and diaries were as forthcoming on their behalf as their research as been for me (I do live in hope of uncovering more). But, while the Colebrookes were visited in Bath by the Smiths of Erle Stoke Park, the Smiths stayed home or were found in London; they never seem to have lived a time in Bath. Still, I do have NAMES now to be on the look-out for in the future.

prince of wales

From what I’ve read, you will not per se learn about the likes of the Prince of Wales, but the daily life of a sociable woman has its own rewards. The Diaries of Fanny Chapman is HIGHLY recommended – and the Rosenbergs are commended for offering these transcriptions and elucidations to the public.


  1. George Rosenberg said,

    Thanks for this lovely review. We are glad you enjoy it. George and Amanda Rosenberg @chapmandiary

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, George – and can’t wait until the 1830s diaries are posted (my Smiths & Goslings are over that wide a period).

      Enjoy it very much, and (frankly) LOVE that you’ve put it online. I heard from one woman (Sue) who I know contacted you with a sighting or two of Miss Chapman! That must be nice, too.


      • George Rosenberg said,

        Thanks Jainette. The later diaries are on their way – just final editing. There is already a list of names in them which I can send you if you give me your email. Yes Sue’s diaries of Georgina Henderson were an exciting discovery. I tracked them down when I found that Cooper had left money to his “godson” Cooper Henderson. Until that point Mrs Henderson had just been “Mrs Henderson” with no other names. Incidentally, we just bought and are watching “the Pallisers” – a BBC adaptation of Trollope. Its a similar scene (a lot of political men and very strong women). It has a real resonance. If you have not seen it its really worth the investment.

      • Janeite Kelly said,

        Hi, George – gotta love the TV series for Susan Hampshire (a favorite). I will email you – and also keep a lookout for any “Coopers”. Though I do see Emma mentioned a “Mr A. Cooper” (no idea who he was, though Lady Colebrooke still alive and this is the period where the Smiths of Suttons are often with the Colebrookes; I’ll look up the diary). k

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