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July 4, 2017 at 11:40 am (goslings and sharpe, history, people, research) (, , , )

Today may be the 4th of July, 2017 – but I have spent time at ETON in the early 1800s, reading letters home to Mamma. The writer is young RICHARD GOSLING, a cousin to my diarist Mary Gosling (aka Lady Smith). He was the younger son of Francis Gosling, the son of Sir Francis Gosling, knight.

One of the most puzzling things about this group of letters is a postscript written by Richard’s mother, Barbara Gosling née Baker.

Truthfully, I thought the archive must have mis-identified the writer. The hand is so “unformed”, so “elderly”. I thought for sure it must be Grandmamma!

BUT: Mary’s grandmother, who lived until 1809, wasn’t Richard’s grandmother…. And Richard’s granmother died in 1806.

Why “puzzling”, you might ask.

Because other ladies of this generation had the loveliest penmanship! Mary’s mother, for instance, had a flowing, easily-read hand. In comparison, Barbara’s hand looks “unschooled”. Reminded me a LOT of the penmanship of Sarah Smith, Emma Austen’s maternal grandmother.

And therein lies the puzzle. To know more of Barbara’s background and education, to assess how she and Francis came to know one another and marry may be something I never learn. Gosling items are thinner on the ground than Smith items.

Francis and Barbara Gosling married MUCH earlier than William and Eliza Gosling (my Mary’s parents). Francis and Barbara in 1777; William and Eliza nearly twenty years later in 1793.

baker-gosling marriage 1777 GM3 March 1777, Gentleman’s Magazine

So Barbara has a London address; Francis’ lists not his abode so much as the banking firm’s address – Fleet Street. But the family is often identified as “of Fleet Street” bcause of the family firm.

I sometimes refer to Richard’s father Francis (though being a ‘knight’ Sir Francis’ title did not devolve to his son) as Francis II. Richard’s brother therefore becomes Francis III. Thank Goodness for a name like Richard – instead of the trail of Francises and Roberts in this portion of the Gosling family tree. No guesswork required, in deciphering who was the letter recipient.

Richard was far enough down the chain of children to be of an age with the Gosling sons:

Gosling, Richard, s. Francis, of Twickenham, Middlesex, arm. Christ Church, matric. 27 Oct., 1814, aged 19; B.A. 1818, M.A. 1822, of Ashford Place, Middlesex, and of London, banker. See Etott School Lists. [10]

Mary’s brother William Ellis Gosling arrived, aged 17, at Brasenose College, Oxford in 1812. Her brother Robert, aged 18, arrived at Christ Church in January 1814. Richard, aged 19, arrived in November 1814. Bennett, aged 18, followed in March 1815. These last two were also at Christ Church, like Robert. The family visited William and Robert in college in the summer of 1814. Mary left a diary of this trip.

To get back to Barbara for a moment, with several “Mrs Goslings” listed among the output of certain painters, I long ago hunted down a photograph of a Mrs Gosling that is believed to be Barbara; the portrait is by Reynolds:

Gosling_Mrs by Reynolds

I think I went on the hunt for this portrait in order to clear up how a sitter’s ARMS are described – to an onlooker, Barbara’s arm could be described as the left arm; but a portrait would be discussed as if the viewer WERE the sitter: “right arm across the body“. Most do not give a first name, or ID the woman as “wife of …. Gosling”.

As you might guess, there are multiple “Mrs Goslings” done by the regarded portraitists of the day.

* * *

A bit of housekeeping: WordPress has obviously had an upgrade, which interrupted the “facebook” connection – and it won’t reconnect. After the run-around I went thru with AirBnB over the weekend – I am in NO MOOD. Will just say: why don’t websites TEST before they launch. And it’s not just websites – have had problems with Windows 10 AND with Office 365 for the iPad. Am utterly TIRED of being told they’re “ironing out bugs”. Do it BEFORE it impacts your customers!
(Rant over.)




  1. Gladys Margarita Gosling said,

    muy bueno el escrito!
    Soy tataranieta del Cap.George Gosling, hijo de Harriett Gosling.
    Fue exitoso marino de la Royal Navy y el ultimo Caballero de Hannover..
    Sigo su historia la esto escribiendo y es increible!!!!

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Gladys – I’m not sure that Captain George Gosling is from the same Gosling family. I find him; I find his wife; even a half-brother (Clarke Jervoise) – though nothing for the parents, even though Jervoise is a name I’ve come across in the Hampshire records. William Gosling had some male cousins, but I don’t find George in the generation I would expect (born in the 1790s). Kelly

      • Gladys Margarita Gosling said,

        Muy agradecida.
        Ya encontraré al padre de George Gosling de la Royal Navy.
        Vivió en Bath, tuvo 4 hijos.

      • Gladys Margarita Gosling said,

        Sólo se que existió George Gosling
        Tuvo una educacion de Principe, su francés perfecto lo valió para muchas traducciones en la Royal Navy.Figura entre los héroes , peleo lado del Almirante Nelson.Su esposa de alta sociedad fue Felicia Jane Johnsin de Gosling.
        El nombre de su padre fue borrado por la Reina Victoria .Sólo quedo con el de su madre Gosling.
        Tengo la sospecha que fue Harriett Gosling.(su bautismo fue borrado…tengo de su casamiento…figura sólo Gosling
        Para terminar de escribir sobre su historia es que estoy en esta búsqueda.
        Está sepultado en South Stoque.Encintre su tumba, ladi de su amada esposa.
        Vivió en el Circus, encintre su residencia.
        Su única hija mujer se llamó Felicia Harriett y se casó con Vaugman, tuvo 3 hermanos, uno de ellos mi bisabuelo devnombre Audley Charles Gosling casado con Ida Augusta Gyldenstolpe Fersen(Condesa Sueca)mi abuelo vino a America, hoy su nieta detras de la incognita ….misteriosa!!!♡♡

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