bell’s british theatre

According to Wikipedia, John Bell published 21 volumes of theatre. The University at Buffalo lists 34 volumes, running 1791-1802! Here’s the sampling I’ve tracked down so far.

an aside: check out Arpana Gollapudi’s Selling Celebrity: Actor’s Portraits in Bell’s Shakespeare and Bell’s British Theatre, in the periodical Eighteenth-Century Life (2012)

Volume 2 – first volume of Comedies (1776), containing

  • Sir J. Vanbrugh, The Provok’d Wife
  • Ben Jonson, Every Man in his Humour
  • G. Farquahr, The Beaux Stratagem
  • W. Congreve, The Old Batchelor
  • Sir R. Howard, The Committee

Volume 4 – second volume of Comedies (1776), containing

  • Mrs Centlivre, The Wonder
  • Blaumont and Fletcher, Rule a Wife and Have a Wife
  • Dr Hoadley, The Suspicious Husband
  • Sir R. Steele, The Conscious Lovers
  • Mr Farquahr, The Recruiting Officer

Volume 8 – fourth volume of Comedies (1777), containing

  • Sir Richard Steele, The Funeral
  • William Congreve, Love for Love
  • Colley Cibber, The Careless Husband
  • Sir Richard Steele, The Tender Husband
  • Mrs Centlivre, The Busy Body

bells british theatre

alternate No. 8

Volume 20, the tenth Volume of Tragedies (1778), containing

  • Mr Mallet, Elvira
  • Mr Glover, Boadicia
  • W. Whitehead, Creusa
  • Mr Home, Douglas
  • W. Whitehead, Roman Father

Volume 9 – Operas (1780), containing

  • Mr Gay, The Beggar’s Opera
  • Mr Gay, Achilles
  • Mr Gay, Polly
  • Allan Ramsay, The Gentle Shepherd
  • John Milton, Comus

Volume 12, Plays; 6th volume of Tragedies (1780), containing

  • Shakespere, Troilus and Cressida
  • Mr Moore, The Gamester
  • Dryden, Don Sebastian
  • Dryden and Lee, Oedipus
  • Dr Young, The Revenge

Volume 17, eighth volume of Comedies (1780), containing

  • Mr Farquhar, The Twin Rivals
  • Mr Wycherley, The Country Wife
  • Mr Shadwell, The Fair Quaker
  • Ben Jonson, The Alchymist
  • Mr Cha. Johnson, Love’s Last Shift

Volume, of Comedies (1791), containing

  • Henry Fielding, The Miser
  • Joseph Addison, The Dummer; or, The Haunted House
  • Colley Cibber, The Double Gallant; or, the Sick Lady’s Cure

Volume, of Tragedies (1791), containing

  • Aaron Hill, Alzira

Volume, of Comedies (1791), containing

  • Mrs Centlivre, The Busy Body

Volume 24, of Comedies (1792), containing

  • Dr Goldsmith, The Good Natured Man
  • Edward Moore, The Foundling
  • Samuel Foote, The Minor

Volume 3, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Rowe, Fair Penitent
  • Home, Douglas
  • Addison, Cato
  • Rowe, Jane Shore
  • Whitehead, Roman Father

Volume 9, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Otway, The Orphan
  • Charles Johnson, The Country Lasses
  • Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer
  • W. Shirley, Edward, the Black Prince

Volume 12, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Mrs Centlivre, Bold Stroke for a Wife
  • Murphy, All in the Wrong
  • Cumberland, Brothers
  • Hughes, Siege of Damascus

Volume 20, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Steele, Tender Husband
  • Howard, Committee
  • Cumberland, Natural Son
  • Colman, Jealous Wife

Volume 25, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Ramsay, The Gentle Shepherd
  • Vanbrugh, The Mistake
  • Rowe, Ambitious Step-Mother
  • Dr Johnson, Irene

Volume 29, of Plays (1797), containing

  • Shakespere, Pericles
  • Young, Busiris
  • Buckingham, The Rehearsal
  • Mrs Cowley, Albina

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