authentic Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott, like Austen, is a relation to the Smith family; he was guardian to Margaret Maclean Clephane — Lady Compton (after 1828, the Marchioness of Northampton). A couple terrific websites have come to light, and I share those here:

  • Millgate Union Catalogue of Walter Scott Correspondence, at the National Library of Scotland, gives a fully searchable database. You’ll Find Lady Compton and the Clephanes well represented…
  • A recent discovery, and, although not quite as handy as the book volumes, I am grateful to find all the published edition of Letters online and fully searchable. The line numeration is a bit of a pain (though you always know which page you’re on in which volume!), and the notes seem missing, but this should prove an exceptionally useful source. One wish: someone needs to clean up the scanned text a bit.
  • Also useful is, of course, Scott’s Journal. Old editions can be found online. I’ll link of one of those when I get the chance.


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    […] I was backtracking, re-reading some correspondence of Sir Walter Scott. It 1815 he was meeting for the first time some of the family of Lord Compton — future […]

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