Dramatis Personae, M-R

People who appear in Emma Smith / Emma Austen Leigh’s diaries

read the dramatis personae post,
which explains more about these
lists of names


Maberly [wins Northants (against Lord Compton)] (1820)

Macdonald [name linked with Napoleon] (1815)

Mrs Machuett [death] (1817)

Mrs Mackay (1818 [gives ball])

Macklin [(female) servant at Stoke] (1820)

Mr [Mrs?] & Miss Maclean [Clephanes?] (1818)

Macree (1815 [in the news])

Miss Manly [with Goslings, at Court] (1817)

Miss Mannering [Gosling cousin] (1820)

Miss Manning (1817)

Madame Mara [concert] (1820)

Mrs (Le) Marchant? [typed in as Marchant] (before Court presentation) (1817)

Marianne [Compton relation or ??] (Ashby wedding 1815)

Mrs John Marshall (1820)

Princess Mary [Duchess of Gloster (sic)] (1816 [marriage])

Massena [name linked with Napoleon] (1815)

Master [a name, or meaning Master Gear??] (1820)

Mr Masters [presume not same as above] (1816)

Mrs Masters [at Wells] (1816)

Mathers (Mathews?) [actor] (1818)

Matthews [Miss Ramsay goes to performance; must be the comic actor] (1818)

Mr Maud?n [at Wells] (1816)

Lady May (1820)

The Mayor of Northampton (1817)

Mr & Miss Milner (1818)

Miss Meen [artist] (1815, 1816, 1817, 181)

Mr Meales [at Wells] (1816)

Mield [musician at Mrs Dixon’s] (1820)

Mr Mills (1816)

Duke of Montrose [Charles dines with] (1820)

Mrs & two Miss Mounts [dine at PP] (1816)

Lord Mulbourne (1817 [visit his Brocket Hall])

Miss Monroe [visits while at Essendon] (1817)

Murat [name linked with Napoleon] (1815)

Mr Murray [gives lesson – comes with Miss Kinhold (who teaches music)] (1820)

Mr Murray [Vyne; same man as above?] (1817)

Lord J. Murray [with Prince Regent] (1817)

Sir Archibald Murray [at court when Augusta presented] (1817)

Mrs Musgrave [goes Drury Lane with Caroline Wiggett] (1816)



Naldi [singer] (1818, 1820(

Miss Naldi [singer] (1818 [specified ‘his daughter‘], 1820)

Mr Nash [paints Compton’s picture] (1815)

The Neaves (1820)

Lady Neave (1817)

Miss Neave (1817)

Sir Thomas, Lady, Miss and Mr Henry Neave (1817)

Mr Newcome [visit at Wells] (1816)

Miss Newcome [to Wokey Hole] (1816)

Grand Duke Nicholas [brother to Russian Emperor] (1817)

Aunt & Uncle Northampton (1815, 1816, 1817, 1818, 1820)

Mrs Richard Norman, Jr (1815)

Mrs Norman (1816, 1817 [also at Stoke], 1818 [London])

‘young Mr Normans’ (1818)

Mr Norman (1817)

Miss Norman (1817 [Ashby])

Miss North (1818 [at Goslings])



Mr Oldham (1817)

Miss Oliver [lives at Abridge] (1815)

Miss O’Neill [actress] (1815, 1816, 1817, 1818 [spotted at Mrs Carr‘s quadrille party])

Dr Ord (also spelled Orde?) [preaches at Tawney] (1815, 1817)



Henry Paine [under butler; leaves] (1818)

Mr & Mrs Palmer (1818)

Mr Par[?????] [perhaps: Park?tt??] (1817 [at Essendon, but may live at Bird‘s Place])

*Mr Parfiat (Parfait? Parfit? Parfitt?) [at Wells] (1816)

John Parkinson [dentist] (1815 [draws Augusta & Fanny’s teeth], 1816, 1817 [Mamma])

*Mr Parpet [dines at Bishops Palace, Wells] [*same as above?] (1815)

Lieut. William Edward Parry [explorer; son of Dr Parry of Bath] (1818)

Miss Paton [go visit her] (1816)

Lady Paulett/ Poulet (1816 [marries], 1817, 1820)

Earl Paulett (1816 [marries], 1817)

Lady Mary Poulett [daughter; lady in waiting] (1817)

King of Portugal [Drummond views carriage of] (1825)

Sir Robert Peel [spelled Peele] (1817, 1818)

Mrs Percival (1815 [gets married to Sir H. Carr],

Miss Caroline Percival (1817 [falls down stairs/not seriously hurt])

Fanny Percivall /Percival [nearly always with Miss Lockwood] (1815, 1816, 1820)

Louisa Percivall [nearly always with Miss Lockwood] (1815)

three Miss Percivals (1815)

the Percivals (also Percivalls) (1817, 1818)

Mr Percivall [may have come to Suttons with Mr Drummond] (1815, 1816)

Mr P = Edward Percivall (1817, 1818, 1820)

Mrs Pegons (Pigous?; Pigons? Pigon?) [gives party] (1816, 1817 [hosts dance], 1818 [ball])

Mr Peters [at Roehampton Grove] (1816)

Lord Petre [pass his ‘fine place’] (1816)

Miss Pond (1820)

Miss Powysses [visit Smiths in London] (1820)

Miss Praed (1815, 1816)

Mr Praed (1815, 1818 [gives party])

Price (1815 [address in diary; piano forte maker)

Mr Prince [at Wells] (1816)

Princess Elizabeth (1817, 1818 [marries])

Mr Pyne [artist] (1817)



{none yet}



Governor and Mrs Raffles [met at Mrs Bonham‘s] (1817)

Mrs Raikes (1816)

Mr & Mrs G. Raikes, with their little girl (1817 [encountered at Bush Hill])

G. Raikes (1820)

Miss C. Raikes [later: Caroline Raikes] (1820)

Henry Raikes (1820)

Miss Ramsay [governess] (1815, 1816, 1817, 1818)

Mrs Ramsay (1817 [Miss Ramsay visits])

Rimdall’s & Brigges [London business] (1817)

Robinson [wins Northants election (against Lord Compton)] (1820)

Mrs Roche [at Argyle Rooms’ fair] (1815)

Two Miss Rooks (Ashby wedding 1815)

Mr Rook (ditto 1815)

Rosabella (1820 [Fanny visits])

Captain Ross [explorer] (1818)

Mr Roucas (1820)

Mr & Mrs Round (1816, 1817)

Mrs Round (1817)

Mr John Round (1818)

Mr Rowley (1817)

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