Dramatis Personae, A-F

People who appear in Mary Gosling / Lady Smith’s diaries

read the dramatis personae post,
which explains more about these
lists of names


Mr Abraham [Abrahams?] [at Eton] (1840) (1841)

Mr Amesbury [Frederick sees; doctor or dentist] (1841)

Mr James Anderson [preacher] (1841)

Mrs Anderson [gives concert] (1839)

another French lady [interviewed with M:elle Dutschek?] (1839)

Mary Adams [waged servant] (1829)

Mrs Abdy [of Albyns] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1840)

Mr Abdy [of Albyns] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840)

Mr Charles Abdy (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) [Mr C. Abdy] (1840) (1841)

Mrs Charles Abdy (1830)

Mr Neville Abdy (1839) (1840)

Mr and Mrs Addington [at Mapledurham] (1840)

Prince Albert (1840 [marriage]) (1841)

Lord Alford [marries Marianne Compton] (1841)

M:elle des Alliance (1839)

Mrs Angels [Angelo?] [keeps sick Charles at Eton] (1841)

Antoinette [nurse; accompanies Frederick to Ramsgate] (1840)

Miss Ashley [1833-with the Ladies Gore; 1839-teaches Mary’s girls music] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840) (1841)

Specifies Miss S. [Sarah] Ashley (1841)

Emma [Austen(-Leigh); Charles’ sister]

(James) Edward Austen(-Leigh) [Charles’ brother-in-law (married Dec 1828)] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) [called Mr Leigh 1839] (1839) (1840)

Cholmeley Austen(-Leigh) (1829 [born]) (1830) (1832) (1840) (1841)

Amy Austen(-Leigh) (1832) (1840) (1841)

Austen son

baby (1840)

Miss Austen [JEAL’s sister, Caroline] (1833) (1839) (1840)

Mrs Austen [Mary Lloyd; JEAL’s mother] (1840)


Mr {George} Babington [doctor] (1830)

Capt Badcock (1830)

Lady Baker [Ramsgate; comes with Mrs Gosling] (Francis Gosling II married a Barbara Baker; she died 1836; a relation?) (1832-3)

Barlow [servant] (1829) (1830) (1832)

Sarah Batch [servant – replaced Betsey Furlong?] (1830)

Martha Batch [at Curtis Mill Green; a walk’s distance] (1833)

Miss Bennett [in company with the Greggs; fiancee??] (1839)

Mrs Beadon (1829) (1833) [Beadons related to Wilder thru marriage]

Mr & Mrs F. {Frederick} Beadon (1829)

Mr F. Beadon [performed Wilder wedding] (1829)

Mr Beaufoy [at The VYNE] (1830)

Mrs Beaumont and her daughter (1830)

Mr and Miss Benyon [Englefield estate; Lady Sykes/Smith’s only daughter married a Benyon; brother and sister?] (1840)

Mrs. Middleton Biddulph [1821]

Miss Bildstein [singer at Mrs Smith’s party] (1839)

Mr Birch [preacher; the Mount [Theydon Mount] and also Tawney Church?] (1839)

Miss Birch [relation? dancing instructor] (1840) (1841)

Mr Birmaster (Burmaster?) (1830)

Miss Birne [sang with Lord Compton] (1839)

Bishop of Durham [preached St. George’s] {Dr Edward Maltby} (1839)

Bishop of London [heard him preach at St. James] {Dr Chas. J. Blomfield} (1829) (1830) (1833)

Bishop of Nova Scotia [at Mrs Smith dinner party] {John Inglis} (1840)

Mr & Mrs Blackwood (1829)

Mr A. Blackwood (1829)

Mr Blackwood (1840)

Lady and Miss Blackwood (1840)

Mrs Blackwood (1839) (1840-2) (1841)

and Miss Blackwood (1840)

Capt. Blackwood [met at Lady Thomas’] (1841)

Mr, Mrs and Miss Blake (1829)

Miss Blake (1841)

Mr Blake (1830)

Mr Blan [Blau? Blaw?] (1830)
*although my transcription may be at fault here, Mary is probably trying to spell the unusual name Blaauw – as mentioned by Clarissa Trant. A footnote in her journal describes one person of this family as W.H. Blaauw, of Beechland, Sussex (a step-uncle to John Bramston).

Mad:elle Blasco [opera singer: Donna del Lago] (1829)

Mrs Bond (1839) [servant; comes with Fanny Seymour] (1840)

Mr Bond [preacher] (1839) (1840)

Mr Bonham (1829) (1830)

Mrs Bonham (1829)

Miss Bonham (1829)

Mr & Mrs Bosanquet [William (banker) and Charlotte née Ives???] (1830)

The Bostons [Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s mother dau. of 1st Lord Boston] (1829)

Lady Boston [Christian Irby – widow of 2nd Lord Boston; Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s Aunt; mother Lady Selsey] (1832 [died])

Bowen [servant? lady’s maid??] (1829) (1830)

Mrs Bowles [calls with Miss M. Deedes] (1839)

Mr Bowles (1839)

The Miss Boynys (1840)

Braham {John Braham, tenor, b. c1775} [1821]

Mr Thomas Bramston [local politician] (1829) (1830)

Thomas Bramston (son of above)

Mr John Bramston [future husband of Clarissa Trant; d. 13 Nov 1889 (age 87)] (1829)

Mrs Bramston [their step-mother Charlotte (c1782-25 Aug 1847), wife of Thomas Sr (who died 3 Feb 1831)] (1829) (1830)

Miss Bramston [comes with above] (1830)

Mr Bramston [Wither? they are at The VYNE] (1830)

Lady Bridgewater (1833)

Mr Briscoe [dines Botley’s] (1840)

Mr Brodie [Charles’ London doctor; Benjamin Brodie] (1829) (1830) (1833)

Miss Buch [singer at Mrs Smith’s party] (1839)

Lord Buckley, of Baron Hill [1821]

Mr Buller [Butler?] [Ramsgate dinner at Richard Goslings] (1839)

Miss Burdett [sister or daughter of Sir Francis Burdett?] (1833)

Lady Eleanor Butler [1821]

Miss Burton [lives at Christ Church College, Oxford] [1814]

Dr. Burton [paired with above usually; a don and his sister? Francis Burton?] [1814] [1821]

Lord and Lady Byron {brother to the famous Lord Byron, who has already died} (1829)

Sir Henry, Lady and Miss Campbell (1832) [Roehampton guests]

Mr and Mrs Carnegie (1840)

Capt. Carnegie (1840)

Mr Cartwright [in Brussels, initially] (1829) [in London] (1832) (1833)

Mr Cartwright [dentist] (1839) (1840)

The Carriéres [in Aix?] (1829)

The Carrs (1829)

Mr Carr (1830)

and his daughter (1830)

Capt Carr (1840)

Mr Cavendish [Cambridge politician; 7th Duke of Devonshire] (1829)

Miss Chambers (1830)

Mr and Mrs Chambers (1840)

Dr. Chandler [preached All Souls] (1830) (1833) (1839) (1840) (1841)

Dr. Chandler, dean of Chichester [Charlotte Currie funeral oration] (1840)

Mr Cheyneys (1829) (1830) (1833) (1840)

Mrs and Miss Cheney (1830)

Mr and Miss Cheney (1841)

Mrs Cheyney (1839)

The Mr Cheyneys (1829)

“My Sister” (Margaret Elizabeth Christie)

William Langham [son; “Langham”] (1830) (1839) (1840) (1841)

2nd son, Spencer Cunliffe [d. 1842] (1832) (1839)

eldest daughter (1833)

her 3 children (1839) ‘the [little] Christies’ (1841)

Lizzy [a daughter] (1840) (1841)

Mrs Christie [Elizabeth, née Langham; 1752-1833] (1829) (1830) (1833 [died 20 Ap])

The Mr Christies [Mrs C’s sons]:

Langham (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840)

and younger brother Charles Wm (1791-1873) (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1840) (1841)

Mr Chapman [doctor to Charles; Eton] (1841)

Mrs Chute

Mr Chute (1839); specified Mr and Mrs Wiggett Chute (1840) (1841)

Dr. Clarke [treats baby Charles] (1829)

Sir C. [Charles] Clarke [created baronet 1831; doctor attends young Charles] (1832) (1833)

Mr [Patterson? Patteson?] Clarke [seems a London dentist] (1839) (1840) (1841)

Col. Clarke [visits Mary in Ramsgate] (1839)

Mr and Mrs Close [at the Christie’s] (1841)

Mr & Mrs Cockerell [Suttons’ neighbors] (1829) (1830)

Mr Cockerell’s manufactory mentioned in LIEGE’s visit (1829)

Mr Cockburn (1830)

Mrs Cockburn [at Roehampton; evidently in relation to hiring Miss Layton] (1841)

Mr Coglan [‘churches’ Mary at All Souls: 1830]

George Colebrooke (1829) (1830)

Edward Colebrooke (1830)

Mrs Colvil[l?]e (1830) [‘character’ (reference) for Sarah Cooke]

Comminar [new maid; seems to replace Barlow] (1832)

The Three Comptons [children of the second Marquess] (1830)

Lady Frances Compton [(great) aunt; 8th Earl’s daughter] (1830)

Lady M. Compton [daughter Marianne; married Lord Alford, 1841] (1840)

Lord Compton [eldest of the second Marquess’ sons] (1839)

Conybeare [spelling?] the new Butler (1832)

Mr Conyers [Henry John; related to Thomas?] [politician] [1830]

General Conway [prior owner of the Earl of Malmesbury’s Park Place] [1814]

Sir John Cope (1832) [relating to wedding of Gregg to Gosling]

Miss Corbaux [Francis “Fanny” Corbaux, artist] (1833)

The Miss Cooks (1829)

Capt. Cook [Capt. Samuel Edward Cook, became Widdrington; Davison son-in-law] (1832)

Mr and Mrs Cook [from Purley?] (1840)

Sarah Cooke [nurse(maid)] (1830) (1832)

Cook [nursemaid above?; or does Mary mean the Cook?] (1839) (1840)

Mr Cooper [preached St. George’s] (1840)

Mr Cotton [at Botley’s; boxing day] (1840)

Mr Courteney [married Caroline Gregg and Francis Gosling at Trinity Church [Marylebone] (1832)

Lady E. Courtenay (1839) [The C’s seem related to Charles Somerset and the Pouletts]

Mr. F. Cramer [1821]

Miss Crosby (1830)

Maria [Charles’ sister]

Mr. and Mrs. George Cunliffe [she was a Townshend] [1821]

M:elle [Cuendet?] (1839)

Mrs Cun

Mr Cun (1840)

Mr Cure {Capel Cure} (1829) (1830) (1833)

Mrs Cure (1830) (1832) (1839)

Arthur Currie

baby boy [Arthur Drummond] born (1840)

Mr Gore Currie (1829) (1840)

Mr H. Currie [Henry Currie or Horace Currie?] (1829) (1840)

with his two little girls (1840)

Mr H. Currie’s eldest daughter and her cousin (1840)

Mrs H. Currie (1829) (1830)

Miss M. Currie [came day after Mrs H. Currie] [Isaac’s dau. Mary?] (1830)

Mr and Mrs I. Currie [surely Isaac Currie (d. 19 Apr 1843; aged 84), of Bush Hill); wife: Mary Anne or Marianne d 11 July 1834] (1829)

Miss I. Currie [Isaac Currie’s daughter?] (1829)

Mr and Mrs J. Currie (1829) [specifies Mr & Mrs John Currie:] (1839)

Mr L. [Leonard] Currie [d. 6 Aug 1844; aged 75] (1829) (1830) (1839)

Mrs L. [Leonard] Currie (1829) (1830) (1839)

The Miss Curries (1829)

Miss Currie (1839)

Arthur’s sister (1841)

Mr and Mrs L. Currie, Junior (1830)

Maynard Currie [1829-14 July 1874; 3rd son of Raikes and Sophia] (1840) (1841)

Philip Currie [4th son Raikes Currie and Sophia; 1834-1906; became Baron Currie] & his Governess [M:elle Mclean?] (1841)

Raikes Currie [son of Isaac and Marianne (1801-1881)] (1840) (1841)

Mrs Raikes Currie [née Sophia Wodehouse (13 Jan 1801-1869)] (1840) (1841)

Bertram Currie [1827-29 Dec. 1896; 2nd son of Raikes and Sophia] (1840)

Mr Cutler [dresses Charles’ ‘wounds’] (1830-5)

[two unnamed Colonels; met at the Whites’]


Mr Daniell [preacher; Chapel of Ease (perhaps); Ramsgate] {ID’ed as Rev. John Mortlock Daniell} (1841)

Lady Dartmouth [reference interviewed for M:elle Jacggy; former employer, by whom she stays employed] (1839)

Davis [servant? Mary mentions wages] (1829)

Mr Davis [gives lesson to Henry and Frederick Wilder] (1841)

The Davisons [could be uncle Alexander D.; aunt dead 1822; more likely one of the twins & family] (1829) (1830) (1832)

Mr P. Davison [cousin, Hugh Percy] (1829)

the Deanes (1839) [must be relatives of Henry [grandpa] Wilder’s sister, Lucy Wilder Deane; her son: Henry – could be him or his son or nephew’s family; and Mary Hood Deane, John Wilder’s 2nd wife] [the Francis Goslings had a dau. Eliza married to Ralph Deane of Eastcott House, Middlesex]

Mr Deedes (1829) [preaches at Croydon Church:] (1839) (1840) (1841)

Mrs Deedes (1829) (1840) (1841)

Miss S. Deedes (1833)

The Two Eldest Miss Deedes (1833)

and their brother (1833)

Miss M. Deedes (1839) specifies Miss Maria Deedes (1840)

Miss Deedes (1829) (1840) (1841)

Mr William Deedes (1829) (1830)

Archdeacon de Grey [Hon. Rev. Thomas de Grey; Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s brother (brother-in-law to Bishop of Winchester); 4th Lord W] (1829) (1830)

Miss de Grey [Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s sister; Augusta Mary] (1829) (1830)

Georgina de Grey [married 1833 Mr Kenyon; Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s niece (dau. of the 4th Lord W.)] (1833)

Tom de Grey [Mrs Charlotte Gosling’s nephew, the 5th Lord] (1833)

Miss Dallas [Dellas?] (1840)

Mr Delplanger [Delplangue? Delplanque?] [gave lessons, possibly in drawing] (1839) (1840)

Mr Dennis [preacher] (1829)

Mr C. Dering (1830) [son of below?]

Sir E. Dering (1830)

Lord Devon [Burney: Earls Devon take name Courtenay] (1839)

Mr and Mrs Dickson (1829)

Mr and Mrs Dickens (1830)

Mr [Charles] Dickens [also: Dickins] [relative to Miss De Val = Charles Smith’s 1st wife] (1829) (1830) (1833) (1839) (1841)

Lady Elizabeth Dickens [née Compton = Lady Northampton’s dau. ] (1829) (1830) (1833) (1839) (1840) (1841)

son Dickens (1830 [born])

Mr Dickenson [read prayers at St. George’s] (1840)

Harriet Disbrowe [Georgina Gosling’s cousin?] (1832)

Mr [Disney? Disnay?] (1829)

Mr and Mrs Dixon (1829) [HWW’s AUNT Harriet married a Charles Dixon; his uncle’s WIDOW also married a Charles Dixon (in 1848)] (1829) (1839)

Mrs Dixon [believe this to be 1st Mrs Charles Dixon] (1840) (1841)

Mrs Doe’s baby [comes to ‘draw Mary’s breasts’] (1830)

Mr Dorsbiggin’s drawing clerk (1833)

Miss Douian [Dorian?] (1832)

Mr Mrs Hall Dow [Dew? Dean?] (1841)

Dr. Dowdeswell [clergy]

Miss Dowdeswell [sister of above??] [note she makes entrance after he begins to call] (1829) (1830) (1832)

Mr Draces [calls on business] (1832)

M:elle Dutschek [a real guess as to spelling; a governess] (1839)

Mr Arthur Drummond (1829)

Mr and Mrs Drummond [COULD be Mrs & Mrs JOHN Drummond – daughter to Lady Louisa Harvey] (1829)

Mrs Dugdale [companion/governess to Lady Marianne Compton] (1840)

Mrs [Duncombe?] (1840)

Mr Duppa (1829)

Miss Duval [comes with Lady Elizabeth Dickens; relative to Miss De Val, 1st wife to Charles Smith?] (1840)


Mr Edridge (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833)

and two Miss Edridges (1829) (1830)

Mr F. {Frederick} Edridge (18295) (1830) (1840)

Mrs Edridge (18302) (1832) (1833)

Miss Edridge (1829) (1830) (1832)

The Edridges (1829) (1830)

Mr and Mrs C. Edridge (1830) [she – Augusta Smith letter IDs her as the former Miss Lockwood]

Miss A. Edridge (1830)

Miss [Edy?] (1841)

Mr Empson (1830)

The Estcourts (1830) Mr and Mrs Estcourt (1840) Mr and Miss Estcourt (1841)

Mrs Evans [reference for M:elle Seyl] (1839)

Mr & Mrs Eyre (1840)


Mr & Mrs Fairfield (1830)

Martha Finch [servant; pay mentioned; replaced ‘Susan’ (Lu/Lee??)] (1832) [departing?? (says merely ‘Martha’] (1841)

Mrs Finch [mother? of above; or a servant of Mary’s in her own right??] (1832 [dies])

Mrs [Anna?] Finch [occurs at end of 1833 diary, with costs]

D. Falmouth [gossip: 1829]

Miss [Fawry? Favry?] (1840)

Mr Fallor [Fallow?] (1840)

Mrs Fisher (1839) (1840) (1841)

Mr Fisher (1841)

Mrs Ford [near Suttons] (1833) (1840)

Mr Ford (1840)

Foster [servant? brings an acc’t of the children from (Suttons?) to London] (1830)

Mr Foutescue [preached at Roxwell] (1830)

Mrs Fox [occurs at end of 1833 diary, with costs]

Lady Frances [met up with in Berne: 1829]

Mrs Freshwater [occurs at the end of the 1833 diary; with costs (wash?)]

Betsey Furlong [left and replaced by Mary Adams? back and goes: 1830; back: 1832] (1829) (1830) (1832)


  1. Roger Brewitt said,

    Capt John WILDER (c1706-1772) born Nunhide Sulham Berks married 11 June 1735 in Oxfordshire Beaufoy BOYLE (b: 1714 Milverton Warwickshire-d: 17 May 1765 Nunhide). Beaufoy was Great grandaughter of Sir Roger BOYLE 1st Earl of Orrery of Castlemartyr co Cork Ireland (1621-1679) and also great granddaughter of Murchaidh O’BRIEN 1st Earl of Inchquin. Beaufoy’s uncle was Henry BOYLE 1st Earl of Shannon. Her mother was Martha Beaufoy GARTH (1690-1737). Lucy WILDER (1742-1840) daughter of Capt John WILDER and Beaufoy BOYLE married 24 June 1766 at Sulham Henry Deane Esq

    not certain of parents of Mary Hood DEANE

    William BLACKWOOD (d: c1845) married Charlotte Beaufoy WILDER (c1786-1868) daughter of Rev Henry WILDER LLD (1744-1814) and Joan THOYTS (1748-1837)

    Rev Frederick BEADON (c1779-1879) married 13 Oct 1803 Sulham Berks Mary Anne WILDER (b: c1777 d: unknown) sister of Charlotte (above) possibly son of Rev Edward BEADEN rector of North Stoneham Edward was father of Harriet BEADEN (d: 1825) wife of John WILDER (1769-1834), brother of Charlotte and Mary Ann (above)

    This research has taken me quite a length of time I would appreciate acknowledgement if you utilize this information Please do not publish my email address.
    Thank you
    Roger W Brewitt

  2. Roger Brewitt said,

    Emma BENYON b: abt 1778 Gidea Hall Romford Essex d: 1858 was daughter of Richard Benyon (1746-1796) and Hannah Hulse. Emma married on 23 July 1805 William Henry FELLOWES (1773-1837). Their son Richard Benyon FELLOWES b: 17 Nov 1811 Englefield Berks d: 26 July 1897 inherited the estate of the son of the brother of his great-great grandmother Rachel De BEAUVOIR. The son of Rachel’s brother Osmond was Rev Peter De BEAUVOIR (1736-1821) who died in the Village of Downham Essex (near Wickford) unmarried and without issue. Peter was exceptionally wealthy when he died and Richard Benyon FELLOWES, who had previously changed his surname to POWLETT-WRIGHT and then added the surname BENYON to become Richard POWLETT-WRIGHT BENYON, again changed his surname to De BEAUVOIR to pursue the inheritance of the estate of Peter De BEAUVOIR, in which he was ultimately successful. Peter’s estate included the Manor of BALMES in Hackney.

    The manor of Englefield had fallen into the hands of the Benyons through the marriage of Emma’s grandfather Richard Benyon (1698-1774) to Mary WRIGHT nee TYSSEN (1715-1777) widow of Powlette WRIGHT (c1715-1740) owner of Englefield

  3. Janeite Kelly said,

    Thanks, Roger, for fleshing out the family threads. I have not done a lot of research on the early Wilders (though I know of several sources), but of course have come across Beaufoy Boyle; an important name given all the times ‘Beaufoy’ appears in the family tree! I had not realized that Charlotte had it as a middle name as well.

    I, too, had found the Deane-Wilder connection and assume that Mary Hood Deane somehow fits into the family, but haven’t tracked the connection down yet. If I find anything I will let you know.

    I have computer notes on many people, but more (in paper copies) filed away — mainly information comes from Burke’s. Will look and see what I have about the Blackwoods; I merely noted that they (William and Charlotte) had a daughter. Therefore, some of the other Blackwoods Mary meet still remain a bit of a mystery.

    Of course BLACKWOOD brings to mind publishing… Not sure if there is ANY connection.

    The Beadons-Wilders-Normans show up in the Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of Landed Gentry:


    According to DNB, Frederick Beadon was born 6 Dec 1777 (he was the THIRD son of Rev. Edward Beadon).

    Richard De Beauvoir Benyon’s obituary can be found (if you haven’t found it already) in Gentleman’s Magazine:


    In my notes, is the following about Englefield: a GM Feb. 4 1811 “notice” (p. 123) in which a writer corrects the parentage of Mr. Benyon’s wife: “Mr. Urban, Permit me to correct an inaccuracy in your last Supplement, p. 659. Mr. Benyon of Grosvenor-Square never was in the East Indies. His property descended to him from his father, who owned the beautiful seat of Englefield in Berks, and also Gidea Hall in Essex, which last the present Mr. Benyon sold after his father’s decease. He married an accomplished and amiable daughter of the late Sir Francis Sykes, of Basildon Park, Berks. Lord Middleton married Mr. Benyon’s sister.”

    Sykes’s widow married Drummond Smith of Tring, as his second wife. Sir Drummond was the great uncle of Mary’s husband (Emma’s brother), Sir Charles Joshua Smith (who inherited Drummond’s baronetcy); while his first wife was Mary’s aunt.

    Thank you for sharing with me, Roger; I will have a look through my files and see if anything of interest to you turns up.

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