Dramatis Personae: S-Z

People who appear in Mary Gosling / Lady Smith’s diaries

read the dramatis personae post,
which explains more about these
lists of names


Mrs Sala [Henrietta Sala, née Simon; 1789-1860] [gave Benefit Concert] (1830)

Mrs Sandy? [or misspelled Sandoz?] (1840) (1841?)

Mrs Sandoz (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1841)

Miss Sandoz [she companions Charlotte; governess] (1832) (1833)

Dr Scott [treats baby Augusta at Roehampton] (1832)

[Mr Seagrave?] [performed 1829 wedding of Dickens & Compton, St. George’s] (1829)

Lord and Lady Selsey [she: 3rd Lord Boston’s dau] [1821] (1829)

Lady Selsey (1839)

Mr Sendell [Sandell?] [Charles’ tutor when he’s home from school?] (1839) (1840) (1841)

Mr [Sepigear?] [preacher near Suttons] (1841)

The Sergeant (1840)

M:elle Seyl [Sayl? now: Seyle!] (1839) (1840) (1841)

Mr & Mrs Seymour (1833)

Fanny [Charles’ sister]

her baby (1840)

Mr Seymour [Fanny’s husband, Richard; m 1834] (1839) (1841)

their 2 children (1839)

Miss Seymour [soon to be Spencer’s wife, Frances] (1833)

Sir John Seymour (1839)

Lady Seymour (1840)

Mrs Seymour (1840)

Miss Caroline Seymour (1840)

and her brother (1840)

Mr and Miss Sharpe [Gosling and Sharpe! dau and son?] (1840)

Mr Sharpe (1841)

Col. Sherman (1830)

Captain and Mrs. Simeon [1821]

Mr Simmons (1830)

Mr. Singe (of Devil’s Glyn??) [1821]

Mr (later: Sir) Edward Smijth [son Sir WM of Hill Hall; later Bowyer-Smijth; preacher] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840)

Mrs [later: Lady] Edward Smijth [Letitia Cicely née Weyland] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840)

Mr Richard Smijth [brother to above?] [preached at Tawney church] (1830) (1832)

Capt. Smith (1829)

Lady Smith [Mrs Smith’s aunt; Sir Drummond’s widow (2nd wife)] (1829) (1833)

Mrs Smith [Charles’ mother]

Miss Smith [Mrs Smith’s sister] (1829) (1830) (1832) (1839) (1840)

Mrs J. Smith [Mr Charles Smith’s only sister)

Mrs Abel Smith [presume wife of the MP for Midhurst, Abel Smith; lived 15 Portland-Place] (1829)

Spencer [Charles’ brother]

Frances [Spencer’s wife; see Miss Seymour] (1839) (1840)

their 3 children (1840) [no number:] (1840)

Spencer Smith (son) (1841 [died, aged 5])

Drummond [Charles’ brother]

Mr [Henry] Soames [preached at West Ham] (1830) (1839) (1840) (1841)

nephew of Mr Soames [preacher] (1839)

brother-in-law [preacher] (1840)

Miss Soames (1839) (1840) (1841)

Mrs Soames (1840)

Lady Frances Somerset (1832)

Lady Charles Somerset [sister-in-law to Lady Frances] (1841)

[Miss] Sontag [opera singer?] (1829)

Mr Spring Rice (1839)

St. Beaux [preacher at French Protestant church?] (1839)

Sir Ephraim & Lady Stannus (1839)

M:me Stauchhausen [Stockhausen? singer at Mrs Smith’s] (1839)

Mr Bramston Stane (1830) [either father or Son John (Bramston) Stane – brother/nephew of Thomas Gardiner Bramston]

Mr Stanfield [preached at Stapleford Abbot] (1832) (1833) (1840)

Mr Stanfield’s neices (1833)

Mrs Stanfield (1833) (1840)

Mr Steel

Mr Steil (1833)

Miss Stephens [Catherine Stephens, soprano] [1821]

Mrs R. Stevens [acquaintance; mentioned going to asylum, but later ‘in person’] (1830) (1832) (1833)

Miss Stevens [comes for position; brought brother-in-law Mr Pons] (1839-5)

Capt Stewart (1839)

Capt and Mrs Stuart (same and spelled differently; relation to Lady Louisa Stuart??) (1840)

Mr Stokes [estate business] (1833)

Mr Stone [doctor for Augusta] (1839) [doctor for Charlotte Currie] (1840) (1841)

Storey? [departing servant?] (1840)

Miss Sullivan [relation of Georgina Gosling’s] (1833)

Susan [1821] (1832) [assume this is Susan Lu/Lee]

Miss Sutton [at Botley’s; seems to accompany Charlotte Gosling] (1840)

Sir F. Sykes’s place Basildon [Sir Drummond married a widow of Sir F.S.]



Tamburini [singer: Mrs Smith’s party] (1839)

Miss Taylor [dinner company at Coombe] (1839)

Taylor [departing servant??] (1840)

Mr Taxelhoffel [a Swiss councilor; met at Lady Frances’: 1829]

Mr Teggart [goes with Robert to fetch Miss de Grey’s body; takes an unnamed Nurse: 1830]

Tidshaw? [domestic attached to Mrs Smith’s household (prob. at Tring); inquires after Charles’ health] (1840)

Mr Thomas [preacher] (1832-8)

Mr Thomas [apothecary at Hatfield] (1840) (1841)

Lady Thomas (1833-2) (1840) (1841)

Betsey Thomas [servant? replaces ‘Martha’ [poss: Finch] (1841)

Mr Thornton (1829)

Tam O Shanty and Souter Johnny

Mrs Tower (1833) (1839) [trouble reading Town vs. Tower]

Mrs William Town [this may be sister-in-law to Lady Sophie Tower] (1839) (1840)

Miss Town (1839)

Miss Town (1840)

Lady Sophie Town (1839)

Mr Town (1840) (1841)

the Townshends (at least 2 daughters and parents) [1821]

Mr Townshend of Trevellyn [1821]

Mrs Jolliffe Tufnell [née Catherine Dorothea Pilkington] [see Oxley Parker Papers for this name] (1833)

Mr Tupper [doctor] [visits sick Charlotte Gosling] (1829) [visits Elizabeth Christie] (1830) [attends Wm Gosling, Jr] (1833) {Good probability that he was Martin Tupper, F.R.S.}

Mr Turell [local politician] (1830)

Mrs Twisleton (1840)



unnamed under housemaid [sick] (1840)



Mr and Mrs Vansittert (1839)

Sir Harry Varney (1833)

Mr Vaughan [check spelling] [singer Mrs Smith concert] (1839)

Miss Vaughan [at Vine] (1840) [Vaughan? London:] (1841-2)

Mr Veeyh?? [Vaughan? = more sense] [singer at Mrs Smith’s] (1839)

Dr Vickery [organist at Magdalen College] [1814]

Queen Victoria (1840) (1841)



Mrs Waldegrave [of the Weald] (1839)

Lady Walsingham [Charlotte’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth, wife of 4th Lord] (1830-3)

Lord Walsingham [dies] (1839)

The Walsinghams (1833)

Mrs Walker [servant?] (1830)

Mr Ward [preached at St James] (1829) (1830)

Dr Warren [sees Charles] (1830) (1833)

Mr Watson [doctor vaccinates baby Augusta] (1830)

Dr Watson [same man? doctors Charles; London] [either related to Hon. Mrs Richard Watson, who writes Charles Dickens?] (1841)

Mr Webster [doctors Charles in Ramsgate] (1841)

Duke of Wellington [gossip: 1829] [political news: 1830] [seen at Ramsgate: 1832]

Mr Wellesly [local politician] (1830)

Col. West (1829) (1830)

Mr Western [local politician] (1830)

un-named Wet Nurse and baby come from London (1830)

Gen. White [son-in-law Davison] (1832) (1833) (1839) (1840)

Mrs White [Elizabeth; dau. of Davisons] (1833) (1839) (1840) (1841)

Admiral White [son? father?] (1839)

Mr and Mrs Whitman (1840)

Mr. Whitmore, of Appleby [1821]

Caroline Wiggett [‘adopted’ dau. of Chutes; usually comes with Eliza Chute] (1829) (1830) (1832)

Mr S. Wilberforce [preached All Souls] (1839)

Mrs G. Wilder (1829) (1830) [Augusta, wife of George Lodowick; SON George married 1850]

Mr and Mrs G. Wilder [George L. Wilder?? d 1844 aged 60?; she remarried: Charles Dixon in 1848] (1839)

Mr Wilder

Augusta [Charles’ sister]

son Frederick (1832 [born]) (1839) (1840) (1841)

son Henry (1839) (1840)

Mr John Wilder [note: he preached] [HWW had brother AND father (he died 1834); probably brother] (1829)

Mr and Mrs John Wilder [JEAL’s Mary Wilder?? Mary Heathcote died 1856; m. 26 July 1831; his 2nd wife Mary Hood Deane] (1840)

Miss Wilder (1830-2) [Jane, HWW’s surviving sister; Harriet d 4 Oct 1823]

Mrs Wilder [suspect sister Jane, now a “mrs”] (1839)

Mr Charles Wilder (1829) [HWW’s brother; died Sept 1838 (b 1808); at Eton = ass’t master; of a fever]

FATHER of Mr Wilder [John Wilder; d 22 Feb 1834] (1833) [ill]

Mr and Mrs F. Wilder [suspect Francis Boyle Shannon and Augusta Cornwall Wilder] (1839)

Mr. Owen Williams, of Craggy Don [sic: Craig y Don] [1821]

Miss Willsham (1840)

Mr Wilson (1830)

Lord Winchelsea [gossip: 1829]

Mr and Mrs Workman [at Vine] (1840)

Lady Caroline Wood (1839)

Mrs Wright (1833)

Mr and Mrs Wrightson (1833)

Mr Wyatt [“the tutor”] (1839)

[Wynnstay (seat of the Williams Wynns)] [1821]



Mr Yorke (1829)

Mrs Young [reference for M:elle Dutschek] (1839)


  1. lisa said,

    I have been reading your blog now for quite some time and really like it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could perhaps do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your commentary on this sad tragedy.

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Thanks, Lisa, for reading these jottings. I’m definitely not qualified to comment on the Gulf tragedy; and this blog has its focus on the far away and long ago.

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