Emma Austen (later, Austen Leigh), née Smith
see Smith of Suttons, pedigree 2, below

Austen_EmmaEmma Austen
attributed to Margaret Carpenter: at HRO

James Edward Austen (later, Austen Leigh)
see Austen, pedigree 6, below

Austen_Edward-CarpenterJames Edward Austen
by Margaret Carpenter, c1828
from Jane Austen’s Favorite Nephew,”
Persuasions (1996) by Joan Austen Leigh

Austen_James Edward-online1James Edward Austen Leigh
(sitting may be circa 1870) {broken link}

caroline austenCaroline Mary Craven Austen
younger sister of James Edward Austen Leigh
See Austen, pedigree 6, below

cholmeley austen leighCholmeley Austen Leigh
eldest son of Emma and Edward
The Story of a Printing House

mary augusta austen leighsMary Augusta Austen Leigh
the younger Austen Leigh daughter published about her family & relations
authentic drawing; photo by Silvy

james austenRev. James Austen
Father of Caroline, James Edward, and Anna Austen;
eldest brother of novelist Jane Austen

mary lloyd austenMary Austen, née Lloyd
Mother of Caroline and James Edward Austen;
mother-in-law to Emma Smith

austen-watercolorJane Austen
Aunt to Edward Austen Leigh
Younger sister of the Rev. James Austen

Thomas Gardiner Bramston, of Skreens
neighbor to the Smiths of Suttons; father of John Bramston
full portrait at ArtUK; portrait etching (British Museum)
Bramston’s marble bust at ArtUK
see pedigree 7, below

John Bramston, of Skreens
neighbor to the Smiths of Suttons; in love with Charlotte Smith
see pedigree 7, below

 Margaret Carpenter, artist (self-portrait, c1817)
sketches Emma, Edward & others

christies_wm langham-augustus-johnWilliam Langham Christie (with son and grandson)
eldest son of Elizabeth Gosling and Langham Christie

Eliza Chute, née Smith
Emma’s aunt (mother’s sister), best friend to Mary’s mother
see pedigrees 4 & 7, below

William Chute, MP
Emma’s uncle, owner of The Vyne (Hampshire)
(Aunt) Emma Smith’s portrait of William Chute at Bridgeman
see Chute, pedigree 7, below

 Lady Colebrooke (Reynolds)
grandmother to Charles Smith’s first wife Belinda

Compton_Lady FrancesLady Frances Compton
sister-in-law to Emma’s Aunt Northampton, “Aunt Frances”
see Compton/Northampton, pedigree 8, below

Maria Culme-Seymour, née Smith (miniature by Ross)
auction: Bonhams, 2009;
NPG “Lady Seymour”: Silvy (2 sittings)
youngest sister to Emma Austen Leigh
see Smith of Suttons, pedigree 2, below

 Lady Cunliffe (Reynolds)
grandmother (mother’s mother) to Mary Gosling
see Cunliffe, pedigree 3, below

Harriet Davison, née Gosling
William Gosling’s sister, Mary’s aunt;
wife to Nelson’s friend Alexander Davison

Alexander Davison, c1804
William Gosling’s brother-in-law, Lord Nelson’s friend

Percy Gore, by John Russell (1794)
auctioned at Bonhams, 2015
the future Mrs. William Currie of Horsley

Mrs. Gosling
Mrs. Gosling (attr. Margaret Carpenter)
possibly Mary’s half-sister Charlotte, or
sister-in-law Georgina Vere Sullivan, wife of Robert Gosling

Gosling_Mrs by Reynolds
Mrs Gosling, by Reynolds
(presumed: née Barbara Baker, wife Francis Gosling II)
daughter-in-law of Sir Francis Gosling, kt & Elizabeth Midwinter

 Miss Midwinter
Elizabeth Gosling, when still Miss Midwinter
wife of Sir Francis Gosling
(detail: Samuel Richardson family, at the Tate)

 Master Gosling (Beechey)
Mary’s eldest brother, William, as a toddler
see Gosling, pedigree 1, below

Captain Edward Hawker & Mrs. Hawker (née Joanna Poore)
maternal uncle (and first wife) to Richard Seymour

william heathcote_aged6William Heathcote, aged 6 (born 1801)
Sir William Heathcote, 1873
sir william heathcotechildhood friend of James Edward Austen (-Leigh)
from the book, A Country Gentleman

 Sir William Knighton (after Lawrence); from his Memoir
father to Richard Seymour’s sister-in-law, Dora K.
see Seymour, pedigree 9, below

anna-lefroyAnna Lefroy (née Austen)
elder (half-)sister of James Edward Austen Leigh
wife/widow of Benjamin Lefroy
see Austen, pedigree 6, below

 Sir Denis Le Marchant (Illustrated London News, 1874)
Mary and Emma’s brother-in-law; husband to Eliza Le Marchant
A photograph of Sir Denis at NPG

Wilmina Maclean Clephane
sister to Margaret Lady Compton (2nd Marchioness of Northampton)
drawn by Harriet Cheney; part of a 2005 Christie’s auction

Maria, Lady Northampton (née Smith)
Emma’s maternal Aunt; mother of Spencer and Elizabeth Compton
painted by her sister Eliza Chute
see pedigrees 4 & 8, below

Charles, 1st Marquess of Northampton
husband of Maria; father of Spencer and Elizabeth Compton
see ArtUK for an elder Lord Northampton
see Compton/Northampton, pedigree 8, below

lord-northampton-c1795-philly-museum-of-art-engleheartMarquessNorthampton_engleheart-sothebys2006two miniatures of the 1st Marquess of Northampton
first: by Engleheart, at Philadelphia Museum of Art
second: by Engleheart, sold at Sotheby’s Auction 2006 (where IS this?)

Spencer, 2nd Marquess of Northampton (Raeburn, c1820)
full-color image at PubHist
Emma’s only male cousin

Spencer, 2nd Marquess of Northampton
(Illustrated London News, 1851)

Spencer, 2nd Marquess Northampton
(Royal Society: Thomas Phillips, c1845) Margaret Compton, née Maclean Clephane (Raeburn, 1813)
Spencer’s wife; former ward of Sir Walter Scott
full-color image at PubHist; as harpist. see Simon Chadwick
Margaret’s “welcome to Ashby” served as the basis for my article in

Margaret Lady Compton, with daughter Lady Marianne
like sister Wilmina (above), painted by Harriet Cheney
Harriet’s sketchbooks sold at Christie’s in 2005

Lady Marianne Compton / Lady Marian Alford
Eldest daughter of Spencer & Margaret
(see the several Belton portraits at ArtUK)

Odell_Edward-c1830Edward Odell, c1830
school-friend & travel companion of Drummond Smith
his mother declared his admiration of Maria Smith

Admiral Sir Michael Seymour
brother of Rev. Richard Seymour; husband to Dora Knighton
see Seymours, pedigree 9, below

seymour_michael-sonAdmiral Sir Michael Seymour, GCB
(see full portrait at BBC Your Paintings) {broken link}

Rev. Richard Seymour of Kinwarton
Emma and Mary’s brother-in-law; husband to Fanny Seymour
see Seymours, pedigree 9, below

Lady Seymour, “after Lawrence, c1825”
Is this Michael and Richard’s mother, Jane Hawker??
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

Lady Seymour, by Ross (1846)
a true portrait of Jane Hawker/Lady Seymour
sold with miniature of Maria Culme-Seymour
see Seymours, pedigree 9, below

Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Bart.
father of Richard, John, Michael, Dora, Frances &c
(full portrait at ArtUK; Richard’s Memoir of his father)

benjamin sharpe_1819Benjamin Sharpe, 1819
partner in the banking firm Goslings and Sharpe
(silhouette sold at auction Feb 2013 {broken link}, with family members)

 Mrs Drummond Smith (née Mary Cunliffe) (after Reynolds)
aunt (mother’s sister) to Mary
see Cunliffe, pedigrees 3 & 5, below

Mrs Drummond Smith (née Mary Cunliffe) (attributed: Phillips)
aunt (mother’s sister) to Mary

LadySmith-Drummondwife-closeupLady (Drummond) Smith
Sir Drummond Smith’s second wife
(former Lady Elizabeth Sykes; Elizabeth Monckton)

smith lady drummond -white
Lady (Drummond) Smith
portrait called Fanciulla con abito bianco

Sir John Smith-Burges, bart.
Emma’s Great Uncle (maternal)
see Pastellists.com

Margaret Smith Burgess
Margaret Lady Smith-Burges (later Lady Poulett), c1786
wife of Emma’s great uncle, Sir John Smith Burges(s)

Margaret Lady Poulett
Margaret Lady Poulett (full etching at NPG)
(widow of Sir John Smith-Burges)
Emma’s great aunt

Mimi and Augusta Smith
daughters of Mary Gosling and Charles Joshua Smith

Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith, bart.
only son of Charles Joshua and Mary Smith
Leaves from a Hunting Diary in Essex, vol. 2
Also: a young Sir Charles at NPG; also, his wife Agnes Cure

Drummond Cunliffe Smith
Grandson of Charles Joshua and Mary Smith
Charles Cunliffe Smith’s elder son
Leaves from a Hunting Diary in Essex, vol. 1

LadySmith-silhouetteMary, Lady Smith (née Gosling)
based on a drawing by Augusta Wilder, c1827
see Gosling, pedigree 1, below

Joshua Smith of Erle Stoke Park
patriarch of the four Smith sisters, Maria-Eliza-Augusta-Emma
Joshua Smith’s silhouette at Wiltshire Heritage Museum
see pedigrees 2 & 4 & 5, below

 Three Spencer Smith girls, 1863: Isabella, Augusta, and Dora (l/c/r)
daughters of Spencer Smith and Frances Anne Seymour
auctioned at Christie’s Nov 2011

Frances Anne Seymour
wife of Spencer Smith of Brooklands; sister of John, Michael, and Richard Seymour
original painted 1836 by Miss Ross; 1911 copy auctioned by Bonhams 2008
see Seymours, pedigree 9, below

Susan (or Susannah) Smith (née Mackworth Praed)
wife of Emma’s great uncle Thomas Smith of Bersted Lodge
auctioned at Bonham’s Nov 2011; see also her brother; twin sister; brother
see Smith, pedigree 5, below

terrys of dummerStephen Terry and his wife Frances Terry
neighbors to the Chutes at The Vyne and
the Austens at Steventon (Hampshire)

Caroline Wiggett Workman
Mr & Mrs Chute’s cousin and ‘adopted’ niece
see Chute, pedigree 7, below

wiggett_rachel-lydeRachel Lyde (later Mrs Wiggett), aged 16
mother of Caroline Workman and William Wiggett(-Chutea)
(see the entire portrait at BBC: Your Paintings)
see also William Wiggett-Chute and his wife Martha Buckworth

Rev. John Wilder_Eton
Rev. John Wilder (of Eton)
younger brother of Henry Watson Wilder
(from book Fasti Etonenses)

Frederick Wilder
Augusta & Henry Wilder’s eldest son; Mary and Emma’s nephew
from The Book of Wilder

Images for which I am actively SEARCHING

* * * * *

Who’s Who in Smith&Gosling



pedigree 1
Goslings of Roehampton Grove & No. 5 Portland Place, London

William Gosling married (1) Eliza Cunliffe [see pedigree 3, below] and (2) the Hon. Charlotte de Grey; his children, with Eliza were:

  • William Ellis Gosling
  • Robert Gosling, of Botleys
  • Bennett Gosling
  • Margaret Elizabeth Gosling
  • Mary Gosling

he had two children with Charlotte:

  • Charlotte Gosling
  • Thomas George Gosling

more information on the Gosling family on the page Mary Gosling


 pedigree 2
Smiths of Suttons and No. 6 Portland Place, London

Augusta Smith, daughter of Joshua Smith of Erle Stoke Park [see pedigree 4, below], married Charles Smith of Suttons; their nine children were:

  • Augusta Smith
  • Charles Joshua Smith, of Suttons
  • Emma Smith
  • Frances (“Fanny”) Smith
  • Spencer Smith, of Brooklands
  • Sarah Eliza Smith
  • Charlotte Judith Smith
  • Drummond Smith
  • Maria Smith

more information on the Smith family on the page Emma Smith


family tree2


pedigree 3

Mary Bennett married Sir Ellis Cunliffe; they had two daughters:

  • Mary Cunliffe, who married Drummond Smith of Tring [see pedigree 5, below]
  • Margaret Elizabeth Cunliffe, who married William Gosling of Roehampton Grove


pedigree 4
Smith of Erle Stoke Park (also: Earl Stoke; Erlestoke)

Joshua Smith and Sarah Gilbert had four daughters:

  • Maria Smith, who married Charles Lord Compton (later: 1st Marquess of Northampton), of Castle Ashby
  • Elizabeth (“Eliza”) Smith, who married William Chute, of The Vyne
  • Augusta Smith, who married Charles Smith of Suttons
  • Emma Smith, who never married, of Glenville (Southampton)


pedigree 5

the children of John Smith and Mary Ransom (or Ransome) — Joshua Smith’s siblings — included:

  • Elizabeth Smith, who married Andrews Jelph (or Jelfe) of Pendhill
  • Joshua Smith, who married Sarah Gilbert, daughter of Nathaniel Gilbert of Antigua
  • John Smith, who married Margaret Burges (or Burgess) and took the name Burgess (sometimes: Smith Burgess); he became Sir John Burgess/Sir John Smith-Burgess, bart. [title extinct]
  • Henry Smith [details unknown]
  • Emma Mary Smith, who married Randall Plunket (or Plunkett), Lord Dunsany
  • Thomas Smith of Bersted, who married Susannah Mackworth-Praed
  • Drummond Smith of Tring, who married (1) Mary Cunliffe [see pedigree 3, above] and (2) the widowed Lady Sykes [née Elizabeth Monckton]; he became Sir Drummond Smith, bart. [Drummond’s title devolved to his great-nephew, Charles Joshua Smith; see pedigree 2, above]


pedigree 6
Austen / Austen Leigh

James Austen, eldest brother of writer Jane Austen, married (1) Ann Mathew (her mother was Lady Jane Bertie; more on that lady later). Their only child was:

  • Anna Austen, who married the Rev. Ben Lefroy

James married (2) Mary Lloyd, sister of Martha Lloyd who eventually married brother Frank Austen. Mary and James has two children:

  • James Edward Austen (later Austen Leigh), who married Emma Smith in 1828
  • Caroline Mary Craven Austen, who remained unmarried

Read My Aunt Jane Austen: A Memoir, by Caroline Austen


pedigree 7

The sons of the family get the most “publicity”:

  • William John Chute, of TheVyne (Hampshire), who married Eliza Smith
  • Thomas Vere Chute, of Pickenham (Norfolk), who remained unmarried

Their cousins were the Wiggetts, which is how Caroline Workman (née Wiggett) and her brother William Lyde Wiggett Chute end up in histories of The Vyne.

But we must not forget the Ladies, the daughters of the family:

  • Mary Chute, who married Wither Bramston of Oakley Hall; these Hampshire Bramstons were related to the Essex Bramstons of Skreens (neighbors to the Smiths of Suttons); these Hampshire Bramstons were cousins to the Hicks-Beach family
  • Ann Rachel Chute, who married Sir William Hicks, bart.

Read A Cotswold Family: Hicks and Hicks Beach (1909) at Internet Archive.


pedigree 8
Compton / Northampton

Maria, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Smith [pedigree 4] married Charles Lord Compton, later the 9th Earl and 1st Marquess of Northampton. Their two living children were:

  • Spencer Lord Compton, later the 2nd Marquess of Northampton, who married Margaret Maclean Clephane
  • Lady Frances Elizabeth Spencer, known as Elizabeth, who married Charles Scrase Dickins (sometimes found as Dickens)

Elder sister to Charles Lord Compton (9th Earl; 1st Marquess) was Lady Frances Compton.


pedigree 9
Seymours / Culme-Seymours

There once were two sisters, Dorothea Hawker and her older sister Jane Hawker, daughters of Captain James Hawker, RN. Dorothea married William Knighton (a medical doctor; later Sir William); Jane married Sir Michael Seymour, bart. (a naval hero).

It is Jane’s offspring who more concern us here. For three of her children married Smith of Suttons siblings! Jane and Michael had the following children:

  • Jane Ward Seymour
  • John Hobart Seymour, who married (1) Elizabeth Culme – and took her name after her death {ie, Culme-Seymour}; and (2) Maria Smith, the youngest Smith sibling, in 1843
  • James Seymour, in the Army he died in Cawnpore
  • (Sir) Michael Seymour, also in the Royal Navy, who married his cousin Dorothea Knighton
  • Edward Seymour, another member of the Royal Navy
  • Richard Seymour, of Kinwarton, who married Fanny Smith in 1834
  • Frances Anne Seymour, who married Fanny’s brother Spencer in 1835
  • Dorothea (“Dora”) Seymour, who married (1) the Rev. William H. Clinton Chester; and (2) Arthur Currie, widower of Charlotte Smith, in 1845
  • Mary Dorothea Seymour, who married Orlando G. Gunning (later: Gunning-Sutton)
  • Caroline Seymour, who married Capt. George Carr, only son of the Bishop of Worcester
  • Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) Seymour, who married, after a long struggle with family (even greater than that her sister Dora underwent), George Vyse
  • Ellen Seymour, who married the Rev. Henry Brookes Forster, Canon of Gloucester
  • William Hobart (“Willy”) Seymour, who married Sarah Mary Avory, of Sydney NSW


  1. Merryn Wilshier said,

    Very long story, however I am researching the Suttons, as I think Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith (son of Charles Joshua & Mary (Gosling?)) is my 3G Grandfather! Apologies, I do not know to whom I am writing to (!), however I would hugely appreciate if I can view your family tree (on-line), so I can validate the Cunliffe Smith lineage.

    Many thanks
    Merryn Wilshier

  2. Janeite Kelly said,

    Hi, Merryn — hope you received my email.

    I’ve done very little on the children generation (my window is basically between 1800 to 1842, though I’ve gone a bit more into the mid-18th century (the “grandparent” generation) than into the mid-19th century (the “grandchildren” generation).

    Will send you what I can!

    thanks, for writing.


  3. Roger said,

    Hummm.. you’ve managed to find 3 more of Jane’s children than I; Mary Dorothea, Ellen and Caroline. Could you provide more details of these 3? BTW thanks for the pictures of Jane. My info is on Ancestry.com – The Hawkers of Plymouth.

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Roger — I’ll email you about the family. I put together the siblings a few years ago, but believe Richard (who married Fanny Smith) lists his siblings in the biography of his father. That book used to be online; but I downloaded it (PDF) if you can’t access it (books.google.com).

      Also, I have Richard’s diaries — which I am ever-so-slowly working through — on microfilm. No idea where the originals are, but the Warwickshire Record Office has the microfilm. He, of course, mentions his parents, siblings.

      Reading your note for a second and third time, I must say that it gave me a chuckle — you were missing three daughters; oh what a surprise! The poor girls in a family are the hardest to find.

      Will be in touch. Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to check out The Hawkers of Plymouth — and see how you are related.


  4. Charles Spencer Scrase Dickins said,

    I don’t know how to contact you direct, but I may have some interesting tie-ups for you. Please can you note (and correct) the spelling of Scrase Dickins. No Hyphen and always i-n-s never e-n-s

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Charlie — as mentioned in my email it is GREAT to hear from you. Check out the portrait of CSD I just emailed you!!


    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Charlie — just in case you check the blog periodically — please just drop me a line to say hello! I don’t know if you’ve rec’d the email with the portrait of Remnant, or my last (sent 9 Jan 2013).

      Silence is worse than ‘can’t help right now’.


    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Charlie — did you rec the email asking about Augusta Smith the daughter (ie, Augusta Wilder)? Would love to hear from you.

  5. kristy said,

    IM looking into the Wilder family tree and we have a distant relative by the name of Mary Cunliffe and I’m curious if shes the same one. I cant seem to find any other information about her other than here. Can you shed some light on this for me?
    Kristy-Desendant of Frank Wilder

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      Hi, Kristy — I emailed you.

      If we’re talking about the the same Mary Bennett / Lady Cunliffe, I _can_ help!


  6. Katharine Matthews said,

    I have an oil portrait of Violet Katharine Culme-Seymour by John St. Helier Lander.

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