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viaggio4Sketch book of Lord Compton: Viaggio in Sicilia.

In 2013/2014 an exhibition of drawings, sketched in Sicily circa 1823, was complimented by a book and this superb page-by-page VIDEO presentation.

* * *

The four Smith Sisters of Erle Stoke Park, Wiltshire painted “Botanicals”, along with their teacher Miss Margaret Meen.

rhs imagesAll five artists have work housed at the Royal Horticultural Society, London. A special “online” exhibition of Emma Smith’s work (aunt to Emma Austen Leigh) -> click photo. UPDATE August 2015: one of the EASIEST ways to find the four sisters is to search for JOSHUA SMITH: his girls are all ID’ed as being his daughters!

Currently, 29 botanicals show up with this term. Otherwise, search individually for them. Search for MARGARET MEEN and 48 images show up, including work of the Smith sisters. (She’s ID’ed in their write-ups too.) You can toggle the images to show text beside each work, which is highly instructive (if repetitive) background, and dates.

More “Botanicals” are on display at The Vyne (National Trust) in Hampshire, England. They are hanging in one of the bedrooms. Other works not on display. UPDATE August 2015: The NT now has some of these images ONLINE! Search with terms like Elizabeth Chute or Augusta Smith. UPDATE December 2016: today I searched with words watercolour vyne (note the British spelling!); you get more, but you get botanicals of Margaret Meen, Eliza Chute, Augusta Smith, as well as those that are “unknown” and merely ID’ed as “British School,” which surely belong to the Erle Stoke Sisters (Maria, Eliza, Augusta, Emma) or their teachers, Miss Meen.
(Today: 71 results. Special notes: the Elizabeth Chute doing the interiors of The Vyne is Elizabeth Wiggett Chute, wife of William Wiggett Chute. No images for those NOT on display. Beware! some ID’ed as work of  daughter, Augusta Wilder – no three-year-old painted these!)

Miss Meen, who also taught Queen Charlotte and the Royal Princesses, has more florals housed at Kew.

* * *

Three sketch-book albums of drawings by Fanny Smith are in the collections of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University.

Drawings thought to be by Emma Smith (Emma Austen Leigh’s aunt) comprise the Macklin Album, Wiltshire Heritage Museum.

Drawings by Spencer Compton, his sister Elizabeth Compton, and his wife Margaret Clephane; illustrations of works by Sir Walter Scott are in the collections of The Morgan Library and Museum.

Harriet Cheney‘s albums (which features many Smith&Gosling portraits) were auctioned at Christie’s in October 2005.

Seymour_Michael-Halifax_smallA splendid “display” of the watercolor drawings of Capt. Michael Seymour (Richard Seymour’s brother; both, the sons of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour). The website Watercolourworld has eighteen images, from Michael’s journey in July 1846 to the eastern United States and Canada. He captured some VERY familiar places: Saratoga Springs, NY; Goat Island, Niagara Falls; Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Being a ‘seaman,’ his pallet is soft, and his eye captures all that shore and sea have to offer. They are in the collection of the Library of Congress.
Other collections of his work include the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia [no images]; Michael’s watercolors from Quebec, can be found at the Musée nationale des beaux arts du Québec. More links in my blog post.

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