UK archives online

May 2019: Broken links: most have been updated. More archival entities have been added, and more links coming.

Conducting research from afar generally means finding material first. Here’s a growing list of UK archives with online catalogues. You can even ‘follow’ and ‘like’ a LOT of these places on Facebook!

Multi-site search engines (Archives/Archival materials):

Find a researcher:

(while I cannot ‘recommend’ a researcher from the above, I have had contact with a researcher in New York City and in northern California; if those places are of use to you, email me!)

UK public archives (alphabetical):

ACCESSIONS to Repositories, 1994-2017 [links by year]



Ireland / Northern Ireland:

University (alphabetical):

Newspapers (historical/archives):




United States:

Lists of Links:

Diaries – Online manuscripts and books:

Let me know about any site updates — or additions & suggestions!
in the meantime, here’s a google search page [UK archives online]
another google search [search archives “manuscripts”]

Useful Alumni Directories:

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