UK archives online

March 2021: Most broken links had been updated already; but I’ve not re-checked them. More archival entities have been added. Have begun adding some LOCAL HISTORY publications, although some were already represented by past blog posts.

Conducting research from afar generally means finding material first. Here’s a growing list of UK archives with online catalogues. You can even ‘follow’ and ‘like’ a LOT of these places on Facebook!

Multi-site search engines (Archives/Archival materials):

Find a researcher:

(while I cannot ‘recommend’ a researcher from the above, I have had contact with a researcher in New York City and in northern California; if those places are of use to you, email me!)

UK public archives (alphabetical):

ACCESSIONS to Repositories, 1994-2017 [links by year]

UK CALM User Group – many of the above local archives have catalogues under the CALM banner – but CALM’s own list is even MORE comprehensive. Includes access to sites from the Architectural Association Archives to Worcestershire, and seems actively updated. Includes a short list of CALM sites hosted by Axiell



Ireland / Northern Ireland:

University (alphabetical):

UK Public Schools:

  • Eton – College, Photographic, Literary Archives (catalogues)
  • Harrow

Newspapers (historical/archives):




United States:

Lists of Links:


Diaries – Online manuscripts and books:

Let me know about any site updates — or additions & suggestions!
in the meantime, here’s a google search page [UK archives online]
another google search [search archives “manuscripts”]

Useful Alumni Directories:

Useful “Local” History Publications:

Such publications feature articles of a highly-specialized or local nature, including places and people. These sites allow access to their publications archives (ie, full articles).


Jane Austen:

Like the local history, highly-specialized publications, concerning the life, family and writings of author Jane Austen; feature full article access.

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  1. Carte de Visite Photographers, UK, 1840-1940 | Two Teens in the Time of Austen said,

    […] great resource to add to my “UK Archives Online” page, to which I have been adding many online sources beyond the traditional county […]

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