An Evening with Mr Wickham: Langrishe & Lukis

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Today, a Guest Blogger: Calista, writing on her attendance at Bath’s Jane Austen Festival event: An Evening with Mr Wickham:

“Oh Kelly what an evening it was! 

On Sunday we went to the Bath Assembly rooms, the Tea Room where the show was held. We got parking right in front. Quite a few people were in costume; actually come to think of it, very few were not in costume. So many were dressed in ballroom gowns and looked ever so elegant; made me wanted one so badly. 
Anyhow, there we were, in that enchanting room with the grand chandeliers and all. We were there at 7:00pm and the show started at 8. We talked to a couple of  ladies who were attending the show from London. They were here for the Austen festival and had booked a hotel close by for few days. They saw the costume parade which I did not attend on Saturday (the only event I would have liked, apart from the ones I am attending). Perhaps next year.
So there we were at the Tea Room, sitting in the front row, and soon the room was completely packed. I was very curious to see Caroline Langrishe and my goodness she looked stunning. Adrian Lukis showed up with her and the two read different parts from Austen’s books. Starting with Northanger Abbey in which Tilney inquires of Catherine Morland about all those places she had visited in Bath. The fun part was the one in which he describes to her about the haunted bedroom which she is to occupy. Moving on to Pride & Prejudice: the first marriage proposal from Mr. Darcy. Adrian Lukis did a good job in describing to Elizabeth about how cruelly Mr. Darcy had treated him in his portrayal of Mr. Wickham. Adrian looks good, he is very very tall.  
I found Caroline Langrishe’s performance as Mrs. Dashwood pretty good. There was also a section read from Persuasion in which Anne Elliot and Captain Benwick discuss men and women. The show started at 8 and had a 20 mins interval and ended around 9:30, I believe. The organizer told the audience that we could mingle with the actors in the bar and perhaps take photographs with them.
Now comes the fun part. My husband Francis had taken the DVD covers of Caroline Langrishe’s shows. Initially, I wanted only one cover of season 6 Lovejoy, but we took season 5; as well also she was Kitty in my favourite Anna Karenina TV series done in 1977 and A Christmas Carol, George C. Scott’s version in which she played Janet Holywell (Mr. Scrooge’s nephew’s wife). While I was waiting along with others, Francis came in and asked me to come to another part of the room outside the bar where the two actors were talking to some people from the audience.
I was most anxious to meet Caroline. When I asked her about the autograph she had no problem. When she saw Anna Karenina she was so surprised. She asked us where we got the DVD from, since she too wanted one and her mother wanted one as well. It was her first role. 

We were the only ones with all those DVD covers and were really there to see her. I told her that I loved her performances in Lovejoy, as Kitty in Anna Karenina, in my favourite Christmas Carol etc and she was so happy to hear of it. She signed all our covers and we took a couple of photos with her. When one lady saw our Christmas Carol cover she didn’t realize Caroline was in it since she too owns the DVD. We talked a bit, wished her luck and bid her good-bye. She and Adrian are doing a play right now called Handyman
We got the ticket autographed by Adrian, and took a photo and wished him well.

It was a wonderful evening. We left there by 10 and got home closer to 11:30.”

* * *

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