Regency Cookery

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I’ve come across a wonderful website on HISTORIC FOOD! Great find… especially if you live in England, for you can join in on courses — like a Regency Cookery. Who could resist learning to make such a dish as “Haunch of Mutton dressed like Venison”?! ” Ivan Day “runs unique practical courses on period cookery, many of which take place in an historic kitchen in his own home, a seventeenth century farmhouse on the edge of the English Lake District.” Can you imagine?!

“As well as advertising the Historic Food Courses, this site contains a wealth of unique information, recipes and images relating to the history of English food. It demonstrates how Ivan uses period cookery illustrations, antique utensils and other primary sources to re-create the remarkable food of the past.”

And Ivan Day, recently (7 March 2011) was on Royal Upstairs Downstairs (BBC2) at CASTLE HOWARD! Oh, such memories visiting that place in the aftermath of having viewed the wonderful TV series Brideshead Revisited.

Anyway, there’s much to see so check out their site!  There’s recipes, info, courses, even Ivan Day’s book (and you know how much I LOVE books!). Highly recommended.

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BBC discovers Anne Lister

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Although the diaries of Yorkshirewoman Anne Lister, of Shibden Hall, have been in print for decades, the BBC has a new special, airing this weekend on BBC Two.

The press calls the series “Bold and Passionate” – and it undoubtedly centers on her lesbian affairs, for which the diaries — as published — are known. Pity no one yet has seen fit to give Anne’s audience a broader view of her highly interesting life.

Maxine Peake, stars. The Secret Diary of Miss Anne Lister, airing in two parts, starts Monday. Let’s hope some fan(s) post it to YouTube for those of us without access to the BBC.

some links: – this one features a portrait of the real Anne. – one of the sites on Anne’s home, Shibden Hall. – From History to Her Story, the best (and the original) web content on Anne, the diaries, the transcriptions and the resultant books. Features Helena Whitbread’s original work into deciphering the diaries.

By the way, Anne met the Ladies of Llangollen (that association was how I found Anne’s diaries, actually); I’ve posted her comments about them. Be sure to click on the actual diary entries and the letter excerpt concerning Anne’s thoughts on meeting with Sarah Ponsonby (Eleanor was unwell).

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