Like Reading a Good Book

April 7, 2012 at 10:21 am (entertainment, history, news) (, , , , , , )

That’s how Edie Falco described learning about her ancestors on the NBC TV program Who Do You Think You Are? For once this season, this episode had me glued to the TV. Of especial interest was her trip to Cornwall to find out about the Marriner History of Captain Kindley.

Why did I so like this episode? Because of the “mysteries” which everyone could relate to. The “what happened?” aspect crawled in at the beginning and never let go. Which is rather like doing research among primary materials! One small piece – a new letter, say; or a whole diary – can shed light on something totally new and never thought about: a love affair hinted at, or cryptic comments about someone hitherto unknown.

For an episode recap – if you want to spoil the mystery rather than watch it unfold, click here.

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