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Craig in Australia has long encouraged me to search for family correspondence on eBay; he has found some amazing family items! But his last name is a bit unusual. What name do I search for?? SMITH! Yow…

(Even Gosling has its problems — thanks to people like actor Ryan Gosling; but the main hinderance is that letters for sale are less for their content — writer and recipient included — than for their postmarks. I simply don’t have the patience! So, readers, should you find anything of use to me, please let me know! I appreciate Craig’s pointing out some Alexander Davison letters; the slightly unusual spelling — Davison rather than Davidson — rather saves the day with that family.)

But I thought to mention here this exceptional find, which ran in my local paper (among others, for the link is to the Times Herald in Pennsylvania): the letters of a Civil War Soldier, Alfred Covell Woods. The amazing story of what has been happening now is actually a fairly local story: Crown Point, NY is just across Lake Champlain from where I live.

What interests me, as readers may guess, is the story of his service told in letters home — as well, how these letters were reamassed (at least online) from the many purchasers among whom the items were distributed.

I’ll let the newspaper article tell the story; the link to the letter transcriptions can be found here, and don’t forget to notice the eBay pricing… This news article, from Syracuse, has the same info, but a couple great pictures, including the cover of the diary.

Woods’ diary is also online; see this link (from 2007!) about the transcriptions; the diary from 1861 can be found here – and check out the PICTURES! This, too, was once up for eBay bid.

Plattsburgh’s Press Republican ran the ‘after-story’: November 7‘s marker ceremony.

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