Austen/Chute – more Byrne Jane Austen portrait news

January 18, 2012 at 7:17 pm (chutes of the vyne, diaries, history, jane austen, people, portraits and paintings) (, , , , , , )

After a visit to the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester, Ellie Bennett posted some interesting photos and thoughts on Reading Eliza Chute’s Regency-era diaries.

Not only will Two Teens readers see Eliza’s handwriting, you also get a taste of what the diaries holds for information, especially for the interaction between The Vyne and the various Austen households, Chawton included.


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Ellie Bennett on Jane Austen: Unseen Portrait

December 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm (chutes of the vyne, portraits and paintings, research) (, , , , )

Writer Ellie Bennett, on her blog Bikes, Boots and Boats, has THREE lengthy write-ups about the BBC2 Special, Paula Byrne’s portrait, and — yes, even a few thoughts for my dear Eliza Chute!

(By the way, Ms Bennett spells her name the same way Lady Cunliffe {Mary’s maternal grandmother} spelled her maiden name — which accounts for Mary’s brother Bennett Gosling)

        • PART 1 – background; includes info on Mr Foster, MP
        • PART II – a Wiggett-Chute connection to the Fosters?
        • PART III – thoughts on Eliza Chute & the portrait

I want to pay some particular attention to the thoughts on the Wiggett-Chutes: I don’t know why, but I had wondered — as Eliza Chute’s “items” (diaries, letters, etc) seem to have gone to various family members — if maybe this portrait hadn’t traveled to Caroline Wiggett Workman somehow… I mean, if Edward Austen Leigh had known about the portrait, surely he’d have used it as a basis for the engraving, rather than having the Maidenhead artist Andrews provide an ‘interim’ between Cassandra’s drawing and the engraving used in the Memoir.

Read along with me, to find what Ellie has uncovered…

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