In Memoriam

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Donna Anna…, Turandot…, Marie…, Violetta…

Just a few of the recordings I have, gathered in the early days of collecting and opera-going, that feature Dame Joan Sutherland.

Truly an “end of an era”, now that she is no longer with us. I never saw her in person, but if Mary and Emma had been alive in the 20th century, they undoubtedly would have experienced many of her performances — they loved music, and saw London performances of many “big names”. (I hate to confess it, but the girls rarely commented on how well they liked a singer or a performance; when they do, the comments are wonderful to read and interpret!)

Among the many articles on Dame Joan’s career came out, I found this one from Gainesville to be among the most in-depth.

Her own website might be of interest to opera fans, so I include a link to that here.

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