The Lady’s Magazine, or Entertaining Companion

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Primary materials are the life-blood of research. And journals such as The Lady’s Magazine were quite possibly read by the likes of the Smiths and Goslings. Never mind they give us today a peek into the world as seen two hundred years ago. Gentleman’s Magazine is well known to everyone – if for nothing else, its births, deaths and marriages. So now for the Ladies!

Issues are at; index at the end of each; the magazine ran 1770-1837 (a complete run is on microfilm from Adam Matthew Publications (the same firm that microfilmed Mary Lady Smith’s diaries!). Note that NONE have been checked for continuity of pages… (a typical problem with scans).

The Original Series, 1770-1818 (vols 1-49):

January-December 1771

January-December 1775

January-December 1778
January-December 1779

January-December 1781

January-December 1784

January-December 1786
January-December 1787

January-December 1789

January-December 1790
January-December 1791

January-December 1794

January-December 1796
January-December 1797

January-December 1802

January-December 1810

The New Series, 1820-1829 (vols. 1-10):

January-December 1829

The Improved Series, 1830-1832 (vols. 1-5):

January-December 1830

A merger with the Lady’s Monthly Museum had already occurred in 1928.  Yet, after the further merger in 1832 with La Belle Assemblée (and, in 1838, The Court Magazine and Monthly Critic), even though these journals continued to be printed at separate locations and appear under their own title for some time, their contents were identical. 

Lady’s Monthly Museum:

January-December 1834
January-December 1835
January-December 1836
January-December 1837

different: Elegant Extracts – Poetry & Prose (1797)

La Belle Assemblée (1806-1868) (also called Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine)
This magazine is exceptionally difficult to find within it may be the accent in Assemblée; there are issues out there, but not easily “findable” with its title!

February-July 1806; August-December 1806
*new find!*
January-June 1807; July-December 1807 (same issue at Internet Archive)

January-June 1809; July-December 1809
January-June 1810 (alternative link to issue ); July-December 1810
January 1811 (supplemental); January-June 1811; July-December 1811
January-June 1812; July-December 1812

July-December 1814 *new find!*

January-June; July-December 1818

New Series:

January-June 1820

January-June 1823 *new find!*

July-December 1830

January-June 1832
January-June 1833; July-December 1833
January-June 1834; July-December 1834
July-December 1835
July-December 1836 *new find!*

January-June 1837

January-June 1850

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