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In The Burlington Free Press a TINY notice from Vienna that the Salzburg Mozarteum authenticated a new portrait of MOZART. I don’t mention it often here, but I became a Mozart-fan after seeing (and seeing again) Amadeus. I’ve tons of books – even bought the German edition (four volumes; no commentary) of Mozart’s Correspondence AKA Mozarts Briefe – a magnificent set. I used to take the commentary out of the library (my set didn’t come complete: seven volumes). To me, this “standard” is what Austen studies needs to emulate: all the extant letters, scraps &c — ie, for the entire family; extensive commentary and indexing. Simply fabulous.


Mozartwoche 2013: Coming Soon!

Looking, I found only the most shallow (repetitive) stories. There are so many questions! How do “they” know? If it’s been “centuries”, where was this portrait, who painted it? when? So much nothingness, that I link up this Washington Post story just for the curious. Still hoping to find some in-depth piece…

Part of the head-scratching for me is that another portrait has been discredited, the so-called Boy with Bird Nest. Similar questions pop into my head: why no longer thought to “be” Mozart? This question may be more easily answered. An interesting site called, what else?!, Mozart Portraits, talks about this portrait as possibly by Zoffany, and possibly a portrait of one of the three sons of Lord Bute (a theory being that Zoffany painted Bute’s boys and the nest was an ongoing motif for them). Nice collection of portraits — authentic, spurious, under consideration, and also fantasy & caricature!

Here’s my own little collection:

The Old: Boy with Nestmozart_old

mozart_newThe New: Detail

The Cute: by Liu Yemozart_ye
For a cartoon that had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD, see Pinterest.

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Unknown Mozart Composition Unearthed!

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And who says old things never turn up?!

The Stiftung Mozarteum, in Salzburg (meine Lieblingsstadt!), has announced a newly-discovered piano composition (hard to describe it more fully, as there is little information given so far…). Handwriting experts claim the piece to be by Mozart and, found in a music book in Innsbruck by researcher/lecturer Dr. Hildegarde Herrmann-Schneider, date the book itself to 1780 — so, for once, we may have a more mature “unknown” Mozart composition! (Mozart would have been about age 24.)

Stay tuned: the piece will have its presumed “world premiere” in the Tanzmeistersaal of the Mozart Wohnhaus on 23 March 2012.

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