Women’s History Month: Amelia Edwards

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amelia edwards dolomitesYears ago (possibly as long ago as 1989!) I bought a paperback reprint of the book Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequently Valleys, by Amelia Edwards. _If_  it was as long ago as I think, reading the book would predate my own travels to Austria — though I have never visited the Dolomites, as Edwards does in this delight 1870s journey.

Her writing is a breath of fresh air, her descriptions always crisp and engaging. And who wouldn’t want to travel alongside Amelia, her companion “L.” and L’s ladies maid once Amelia describes how they made off with a couple of coveted (read: hard-to-come-by) Side Saddles!

I spotted a brief view of the Dolomites on a TV travel show, and searched my shelves for this book. Have been happily ensconced in it for a couple weeks.

As March 2013 comes to its close, I was curious enough to read up on Women’s History Month and spotted that the theme this year was “Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”. Surely archeology and Egyptology must  relate to “science”. Amelia Edwards’ most famous book recounts her trip  A Thousand Miles up the Nile (1877). From there, her interest in Egypt never waned.

Amelia Peabody meet your real-life counterpart Amelia Edwards! You can read many of Amelia Edwards’ books at A Celebration of Women Writers (and even catch up a bit on Elizabeth Peters and her “Amelia Peabody” creation). Prefer to listen to your books, see Untrodden Peaks at LibriVox, read by Sibella Denton.

amelia edwards

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