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June 21, 2009 at 12:24 pm (books) (, , )

fletcher…to tout a new book: Talking with Past Hours: The Victorian Diary of William Fletcher of Bridgnorth. New from the publisher¬†(Moon Rise Press)¬†that brought back the delightful Penelope Byrde book, Jane Austen Fashion, Fletcher’s diary promises a look at a young Victorian during the years 1857-60. Of especial interest to me, the comments he may have put down on the Severn Valley Railway; and (a nod to Goslings & Sharpe) anything written about his life in the Bridgnorth branch bank. This is a review copy (thank you, Jane Moon); so you will be hearing more about the book — just so many interesting titles and ‘people’ and so LITTLE time to sit back, with a cup of tea, and enjoy the wisdom kept in between their covers.

One curious thing: Why use a photo on the cover that is NOT William Fletcher??

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