autograph letter signed

Among the most difficult items to locate are individual LETTERS
amassed by private collectors.

 A letter from October, 1798. Mr & Mrs Charles Smith had married in the Spring.
Addressed to Charles Smith Esq MP / Suttons near Epping / Essex

I don’t know what terms to search for. You simply cannot do an internet search for ALS, and few seem to use the “official” term of Autograph letter signed. Entire letter seems a useful search term — and yet one can spend mega-hours online looking, for few sellers list who wrote a letter or to whom it was sent. Most collectors pay attention to the postal marks. I’ve been lucky to come into contact with several collectors, each of whom owns a small piece of the Smith&Gosling puzzle.

To make things easier, I long ago posted signatures. I add to them as I obtain more signed letter images.

I’ll use this page to post names and places vitally important to this research. If you come across any of these people, or letters written to or from these estates, please contact me (see author). The main period I am researching covers 1790s-1840s. The earliest letters cover the grandparents and early married years of the parent-generation.

early letters

to & from
Erle Stoke Park, Devizes (Wiltshire)
Joshua Smith, MP
Sarah Smith (his wife)
Maria Smith / Maria Compton / Lady Northampton (eldest daughter)
Eliza Smith / Eliza Chute (2nd daughter)
Augusta Smith (3rd daughter)
Emma Smith

 other estates during this period

Roehampton Grove (Surry {sic}; also Middlesex)
William Gosling
Margaret Elizabeth Gosling
their children: William Ellis, Robert, Bennett, Elizabeth, Mary
Mrs Sandoz, governess

Suttons, near Epping / Rumford {Romford} (Essex)
Charles Smith, MP
Augusta (his wife)
their children: Charles, Augusta, Emma, Fanny, Spencer,
Sarah Eliza, Charlotte Judith , Drummond, Maria Louisa
Miss Ramsay, governess
Miss Helen Macdougall, governess
Miss Susan Macdougall, governess
Miss Ashley, governess
Miss Sarah Ashley, governess

No 5 Portland Place – the William Goslings
No 6 Portland Place – the Charles Smiths
New Norfolk Street – Lady Cunliffe
Great George Street – the Joshua Smiths
No 144 Piccadilly – the Drummond Smiths
No 145 Piccadilly – Sir John & Lady Smith Burges
Grafton Street – Goslings (prior to Portland Place)
Queen Ann Street – Smiths (prior to Portland Place)

Stratford Grove (near London)
Judith Smith, sister to Charles Smith

The Vine / The Vyne, near Basingstoke (Hants)
William Chute, MP
Eliza (nee Smith, his wife)
Thomas Vere Chute, his brother
Caroline Wiggett, adopted niece of William & Eliza

Castle Ashby (Northamptonshire)
Charles Compton, later Marquess of Northampton
Maria (nee Smith, his wife)
their children: Frances Elizabeth, Spencer
Lady Frances Compton / Lady F. Compton, Charles’ sister

 Oakley Hall (Hampshire)
Mr & Mrs Wither Bramston, sister & brother-in-law to Mr Chute

Tring Park (Herts)
Drummond Smith
Mary (nee Cunliffe, his 1st wife)

Bersted Lodge
Thomas Smith
Susannah (nee Mackworth Praed, his wife)

 Other people:

Lady Cunliffe (Mary, widow of Sir Ellis Cunliffe)
Mrs Norman, often at Stoke Park
Mr & Mrs Hicks Beach / Sir William Hicks
Austen of Steventon
Sir George & Lady Colebrooke
Horatio Nelson
Alexander Davison, of Swarland
Mr & Mrs Capel Cure, of Blake Hall
Arabella, Countess Mayo & her husband the Earl of Mayo
Mr & Mrs Scrase Dickins, of Brighton
Sir Eliab & Lady Louisa Harvey, of Rolls Park
Mr & Mrs Francis Gosling, of Twickenham
Mr & Mrs Henry Gregg, of Lincoln’s Inn (Mary Gosling’s ‘Aunt Gregg’)

Other estates / places:
Hassiobury (Essex)
Horsley (Surrey)
Pickenham (Norfolk)
Langley (Buckinghamshire [now: Berkshire])


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