Award-Winning Emma Smith

June 23, 2014 at 10:12 pm (people, portraits and paintings, research) (, , )

While looking for something completely different I unearthed a startling revelation about “Aunt Emma”: When still a very young girl, she won a GOLD MEDAL for DRAWING:



Joshua Smith’s household, when in London, lived at 29 Great George Street, Westminster – this simply has to be the same person, his youngest daughter.

From the few pieces I have seen, Emma did indeed have a great talent for drawing – and a great enjoyment of it, for she filled many albums. Is this copy of Veronese’s “Woman taken in Adultery” somewhere among them?

In 1790, she would have been just Sweet Sixteen.


  1. Lady Smatter said,

    What a great find! Is this the same Emma who was taught by Margaret Meen? I’m so intrigued by all the tidbits you’ve turned up about your ladies’ accomplishments!

    • Janeite Kelly said,

      The VERY ONE!

      I’ve seen one pen & ink drawing of a trio of men (private collection); just SUPERB. Lucky Emma for having such a talent! She obviously also followed Miss Meen’s example – for we’ve seen Botanicals known to have been by Emma. But I truly think her forte was for landscapes – though I’ve only those in the Macklin album to go by (and haven’t seen it in person).

      I, too, am intrigued by their “bread crumb trail”… That’s what keeps me digging. GLAD that you’re enjoying the journey!


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